Which are the renowned Interior Designing companies in India to work with?

Are you curious to know the best interior design companies in India? Well, then look no further, because we have made a list of renowned interior designing companies in India, especially for you.

Because we are aware of how finding the best interior designers is an extremely hard job, asking us to play a mental game because the variables involved are incredibly insane, especially if we are talking about India. So, we thought to give you a hand and shortlist the best interior designing companies in India for you!

Interior designing is so much more

Interior design does not always mean designing or planning residence interiors and other living spaces.

More often than not, industries like healthcare and retail, hospitality industries like hotels, cafes and resorts, or art galleries, furniture manufacturers, etc. everybody is in search of an interior designer. You can work in multiple fields, giving you that extra kick to excel in each.

Get a formal degree

Employers, a lot of them, eye on your professional background, especially your portfolio, your creativity and people skills. However, a formal degree in interior design is a must and definitely would be beneficial and increase your value as a designer.

Many popular design schools in Pune including INIFD Kothrud offer graduate and postgraduate interior design courses.

The Karighars

The Karighars


Karighars is a multi-award-winning firm. It has a team of expert craftsmen and a talented group of interior decorators with a profound vision for art and aesthetics. This firm promises to offer a variety of services like colour selection, interior design consultation, space planning, well-designed furnishings & careful manipulation of light and space. They take care of everything to ensure that your dream home vision is brought to life.

Allegra Designs

Allegra Designs


Being one of the best interior designers in India, they believe that interior designing should be highly imaginative & one that makes you feel good about your space. They provide next -level customized solutions for your homes and offices that suit your budget and time specifications.

Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts

Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts


They offer a massive range of furnishing solutions and interior design, and that simplifies the whole process of designing your dream home and office. The company founders’ are husband and wife duo, who have a fantastic portfolio that showcases their skill and commitment to create an exclusive, urban-chic execution, choice of the latest materials, blend of technology and a premium environment with a luxurious lifestyle and a blend of the functional & aesthetic.

Morph Design Co. by Prestige Constructions

Morph Design Co. by Prestige Constructions


Morph Design Company, is pioneered by the famous, Anjum Jung. With a team of architects and designers that combine a talent for design with a sharp mind and create a contemporary & comfortable style that is distinctive. With designs ranging, by combining a meticulous eye for detail, colour and texture.

Design Qube

Design Qube


Design Qube is known as a company that offers a range of services like architecture design, interior design, civil construction, landscape architecture & project management turnkey. Based in four cities, this company is renowned as one of the best young companies in interior design in India.




This interior designing firm provides solutions for residential interiors. Their portfolio showcases its excellence & quality invested in every home interior design project. Their works consist of different styles - Modern, Classical, Fusion, Industrial - that promises to deliver you the kind of space you can be proud of.

To say that least, the interior designing field may be competitive, but with a little hard work and a fantastic portfolio, you can become a successful interior designer & work at the company of your dreams.

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