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Annual Fashion Show

In the world of fashion and modelling, annual fashion shows have become extremely important. Especially in Pune, one of the growing cities in terms of glamour and glitz, fashion shows offer a great platform to existing and aspiring fashion designers to showcase their creativity and enhance their careers.

At INIFD Pune Kothrud, our annual fashion show is a testimony to the amazing work our students do during the course and the creative talent they possess. The INIFD fashion show videos portray exceptional talent – in design, fashion, style, and modelling. When our students take part in the Fashion Runway 2.0, they get familiar with so many aspects of the industry that they might not learn through textbooks. This includes photography, modelling, trends in the industry, designing a collection, marketing it, fittings, showstoppers, stage presence, and more.

Why INIFD Kothrud Conducts Annual Fashion Shows in Pune?

  • To offer an incredible first platform to students so that it boosts their confidence and morale
  • To help students build connections in the world of fashion through this annual fashion show in Pune
  • To support students in creating their exceptional collections with the help of faculty, teachers, and mentors
  • To get maximum coverage and publicity for the annual fashion show so that our students get the desired recognition in the industry and opportunities to get placed in high boutiques and with top fashion designers
  • To infuse a culture of learning in a real-world scenario so that education isn’t limited to books or online learning only

Themes at INIFD Pune Kothrud Annual Fashion Shows

Every year, the students come together to put a fabulous show embellished with the latest trends, styles, and collections. Apart from creating some great designs, they also work on building a theme and building on it through all the décor, invites, and results. In the last few years, the top themes include:

  • Prismatic Love
  • Dream Waltz
  • Brawn with Beauty
  • Crpyti Yogi

During the event, we also get many sponsors, photographers, and global industry stalwarts to attend the annual fashion show in Pune. As a result, our students get exceptional exposure through this exciting event. In fact, many students’ collections have been featured in the press after the annual fashion show and the INIFD fashion show videos have received a tremendous response on all digital platforms.

If you haven’t seen the videos yet, watch some of the best work of our students through these annual fashion shows. We are so proud and privileged to teach some of the future global designers!

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