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Annual Events

INIFD Pune Kothrud annual events are one of the most awaited times of the day for both, the students and faculty members. It’s a great time to interact with peers, learn outside the classroom, and create a culture of fun and experience in a highly energetic environment.

As one of the top fashion design institutes in Pune, INIFD conducts a number of annual events – from the highly glamourous annual day to the proud convocation day, the ambitious INIFD Launch Pad to the Spectacular Kids and Spectacular Adults.

Every year, our students come together and create magic on the stage in every event. Most of the planning and execution for INIFD Pune Kothrud annual events is handled solely by the team of students with some help from the designated faculty members.

The Prestigious Annual Fashion Design Events in Pune at INIFD:

  • Annual Day
  • Design Pruner
  • True Talks
  • Spectacular Kids
  • Spectacular Adult
  • Convocation
  • INIFD Launch Pad

Pulsating Annual Day Celebrations

This is the highlight of the INIFD Pune Kothrud annual events calendar as it brings all the learnings of the year together on stage in a glamourous and exciting format. Students prepare dances to perform on the platform to showcase their talents while singers bring their soothing voices to add melody to the event. There are also many kids who love performing and being in the spotlight on the Annual Day. It teaches our students to manage their time effectively, prioritize work and practice, follow a specific schedule and respect deadlines. And most importantly, doing all this with a smile!

The annual fashion design events in Pune conducted by INIFD also help our students establish new connections and interact with peers and seniors to learn and absorb knowledge in various forms.

Inspiring INIFD Launch Pad

Another top annual fashion design event hosted by INIFD Pune is the Launch Pad, which gives all our budding designers a platform to showcase their incredible talent to a team of professional designs and experts from the industry. When their work is appreciated by stalwarts of the design fraternity, it boosts the confidence of students and makes them proud to be associated with the best fashion design institute in Pune.

What to Expect at INIFD Pune Kothrud Annual Events?

If you’re a student looking to be a part of the top annual fashion design events in Pune, you’d love our shows and stage set for you. And if you’re a sponsor who wants to portray their fashion or design brand to millennials and students, we have an exceptional reach with thousands of students and viewers joining us for our annual fashion design events.

Every event is a celebration of talent – big and small. The idea is to fulfil dreams, instil confidence, and give wings to ambitions at INIFD Pune Kothrud annual events.

Annual Day

Design Pruner

True Talks

Spectacular Kids

Spectacular Adult


INIFD Launch Pad

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