The Fashion Designing Certification course from one of the Top Fashion Designing Institute in Pune INIFD Kothrud Pune has a unique curriculum that equips a student with all the knowledge needed to sustain in today’s fashion industry.
INIFD is the harbinger of a design revolution. Its commitment to the promotion of a fashion creed has been acknowledged and appreciated by people, professionals and media. INIFD offers training course in fashion design a long tradition of academic excellence and career-focused education. Courses at the institute is the most acclaimed ones. At INIFD you learn the strategic approach to designing, get equipped with the tools, coupled with the skills of couture styling, cuts falls and the whole paraphernalia of creative designing.

What is a fashion design course?

A fashion designing course covers the art and science of fashion design. It involves learning various aspects of fashion design, including sketching new outfit designs, designing accessories, mastering fashion technology, understanding fashion trends and patterns, and many others. In other words, it helps an aspirant take up a fashion design professional and emerge as a competent fashion designer.

What to study in fashion design?

The course scope and depth of study may vary with the course chosen. However, typically, fashion designer courses include fashion illustration and model drawing, elements of textiles, basics of fashion, the study of the apparel industry, fashion illustration and application, advanced techniques of garment construction, retail marketing and visual marketing, promotional product development, fashion technology, and more.

What is Fashion Designing Meaning

Fashion design involves creating clothing and various other lifestyle accessories. It blends various aspects like art, science, and commerce to design creative, yet logical and marketable fashion products for the client or the target consumer market.

Fashion design has evolved from a part-time hobby to a mainstream career. And so has the industry, which has become more demanding and competitive than ever!

The evolved form of fashion design, as a career opportunity and industry, requires aspirants to enrol in a reputed best fashion designing college in india and pursue fashion design courses. These courses help them develop skills and transform them into professionals prepared to take up challenging assignments worldwide.

Learn, Innovate & Achieve From Best Fashion Designing Colleges in India

INIFD Pune is one such fashion design institute in Pune with the credibility of producing highly skilled and industry-ready fashion design professionals! So, if you’ve been searching for a fashion designing college or institute in Pune, look no further, as you’ve got INIFD Kothrud to help you embark on the road to success!

Types of Fashion Designing Courses


Cutting Assistant

Sketching Assistant

Assistant Designer

Boutique Management


Garment Manufacturing Unit

Independent\Self Employed

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion Stylist


Visual Merchandising

Fashion Branding

Retail Buyer

Retail Manager

Subjects of Fashion Design Year-Wise

Year of Study (1st) Year of Study (2nd) Year of Study (3rd)
Elements of Textiles Fashion Illustration & Application Design Concepts & Art Portfolio
Fashion Illustration and Model Drawing Study of Apparel Industry (Marketing) Care Renovation and Finishes of Textiles
Garment Construction and Drawing Textile Study Applicable to Fashion Art Retail Marketing & Visual Marketing
Basics of Fashion Advance Techniques Of Garment Construction (including advanced drafting & pattern making) Promotional Product Development
- - Study of Apparel Manufacturing Process
Additional learning available (Optional, no extra cost)
Textile Study Design Process Export Documentation
Elements of Design Traditional Textiles & Embroidery Project Work
History of Indian Costumes CAD - II Pattern Making, Grading and Draping
Surface Ornamentation (Embroidery) - World Art and Costume Appreciation

How is INIFD Pune different from other fashion Institutes for fashion design courses?

  • State-of-the-art and updated learning infrastructure
  • A supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • Industry-oriented fashion design courses and curriculum
  • Opportunity to present talent across domestic and international platforms
  • Participation in industry workshops, seminars, and events
  • Phenomenal and credible fashion experts as industry mentors
  • Interaction with industry stalwarts and celebrity fashion designers
  • Abundant practical exposure during learning
  • Experienced and dedicated fashion design faculty members
  • Fun yet sincere learning atmosphere
  • Dedication to shaping students’ careers
  • Developing technical expertise and the right professional approach
  • Internship with reputed fashion designers
  • 100% placement assistance upon successful completion

fashion design career path

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Fashion Designer

  • Sketching, designing and creating various outfits, accessories, etc., based on the latest trends and client requirements by leveraging CAD
  • Instructing designer teams and manufacturers on creating the product
  • Choosing the right fabrics, colours, etc. for the product under production
  • Supervising a team of assistant designers
  • Staying abreast of the latest fashion design trends and updates

Fashion Designer Qualification and Eligibility Criteria Requirments

Candidate with 10+2 or 10+3 of any vocational course/polytechnic. 1 to 3 years

Faculties for Fashion Designing Course


Amruta Munje -

Amruta Munje -

Head of Department for Fashion Design

An embodiment of versatility and experience. Armed with a BSc in Fashion Design and an MBA in Design Management, Amruta ma’am has artfully woven her way through a rich tapestry of roles. From Sales Executive to Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Designer to Fashion Faculty, her fourteen-year journey reflects an unwavering commitment to the world of fashion. Beyond the classroom, Amruta maam’s pursuit of all forms of fine arts adds a distinctive dimension to her holistic approach.

Amruta Munje - Faculty Member

Pratima Krishna

Pratima Krishna - Faculty Member

Pratima Krishna

With a Master's in Fashion Designing and over a decade of industry experience, Pratima maam’s journey is an odyssey of creativity and craftsmanship. Her association with reputed fashion colleges and her eight year tenure at INIFD Kothrud underscore her commitment to education and design. Her mastery in Pattern Making and Garment Construction adds an intricate layer to her teachings, ensuring your designs are not just imaginative but structurally flawless.


Chanda Manala

Chanda Manala

A seasoned fashion connoisseur whose journey is marked by a passion for creative expression. With a degree in Fashion Design from INIFD and a Master's from LAD College, Nagpur, Chanda Mannala’s foundation is solidly rooted in the intricacies of the craft of embroidery and illustration. Her nine years of industry experience echo through her teachings, providing a unique blend of academic prowess and real-world insights. As a Fashion Design senior faculty at INIFD Kothrud, Chanda Mannala's expertise promises to ignite your artistic fervor and unveil new horizons of design exploration.

Chanda Manala - Faculty Member

Sujit Joshi

Pratima Krishna - Faculty Member

Sujit Joshi

A seasoned veteran whose experience spans both time and continents. With a diploma in Fashion Design and an illustrious twenty-five-year of teaching and industry, Sujit Joshi’s expertise runs deep. His command over Basic and Advanced Fashion Illustration, combined with his proficiency in Fashion Portfolio Design (both manual and digital), casts him as a virtuoso in the art of design communication. As a mentor, industry consultant, and freelance designer, Sujit Joshi’s contributions to the world of fashion are unparalleled.

Online Fashion Design Courses in India By INIFD Pune

We offer a comprehensive and industry-oriented online fashion design course with a certificate in India to help you kickstart your career in India's thriving fashion industry.

We also offer program in

Specialisation In Fashion Design

Course running over a period of 3 years and provides a cutting edge expense to amateur fashion designers

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Student Testimonials

Sainy Garg
 Fashion Student Testimonial

Sania Garg

Best fashion designing college. faculties are very supportive , helping,and course goes interesting by some innovative and creative projects and assignments. They provide good labs and machines. Placement faculty gives their best to the have many celebrations and events to make students active in every way possible.

Fashion Student Testimonial Anjali Anand

Anjali Anand

INIFD Kothrud is a great place for you if you aspire to become a designer by profession. Even being from a completely different field (masters in economics), having no formal knowledge about designing, I landed up in INIFD Kothrud to tap my creative potential and I would cite it as the best decision of my life. INIFD have moulded me in the best possible way and made me capable of taking designing as my profession.

Fashion Design Student Portfolio



Which INIFD is best for fashion designing?

INIFD Kothrud Pune is the best fashion design institute in Pune, India. INIFD Pune Kothrud is a well-established, reputed, and highly preferred design institute. Students have enrolled to INIFD Pune Kothrud from across India over the last decade. it helps students to become the best fashion designer.

Which fashion designing course is best?

One such institution is INIFD Pune offers one of the best fashion design courses in India which is known for its quality education and industry-focused curriculum. INIFD Pune offers a range of fashion designing courses that cater to both beginners and advanced learners.

Is fashion designing a good course?

Yes, fashion designing can be a great course for individuals with a passion for creativity, style, and design.

Is fashion design a good career?

Of course, It's a good career option for those who are passionate and It has a great scope with AI features. You may pursue your career as a Fashion designer is definitely a great career choice in India.

What is fashion design course?

A fashion design course is like a class or program where you can learn how to design clothing and other stylish items. This Course can make you a successful fashion designer.
Check-in detail - What is Fashion Design:

How Many Years Fashion Design Course?

The time it takes to complete a fashion design course bachelor's degree depends on the level you choose. If you go for a certification, it can be done in around 1-3 years. You can also do Post graduation in fashion design after graduation.

How to learn fashion design online?

Students who want to be fashion designers can study online fashion design to gain the fundamental knowledge and abilities required to produce apparel. INIFD Online Fashion course can help them get started in their careers.
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What is Fashion Design Course Fees?

INIFD Pune offers Fashion design course with affordable fees.
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