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INIFD Pune Campus and Facilities

INIFD Pune’s campus, is the door to the budding designers’ career. It has been the key factor in creating successful and skillful designers consistently! These are some of the ways in which the campus of INIFD Pune Kothrud makes an impact in the Fashion and Interior Design students that become a part of it. From the moment you walk in our center, you feel the INIFD Kothrud difference. 

Creativity is everywhere, especially in our students, who come to INIFD Kothrud to channel their dreams and passions. INIFD Campus is packed with all possible facilities, to make learning a thorough development. Our institution is not just about traditional training. It is about learning and applying what has been learned in a creative manner. So, at INIFD Pune kothrud you get multiple advantages. INIFD kothrud center provide you exciting Air-Conditioned Environment, Expert Faculty, Scientifically Designed Labs and Studios. Our center is fully equipped with the latest Audio Visual equipment to provide best of training.

INIFD Kothrud Pune Well Equipped Labs

1. Well-Equipped Labs

INIFD Pune Kothrud believes in bringing the best to the students that the market has to offer; which is why we have well equipped labs with state of the art machines and stationary. The equipment at INIFD Pune Kothrud suffices each student; we have a ratio of 1:1 for student and equipment for both Fashion as well as Interior design courses. This makes us one of the best design institutes of Pune.

INIFD Kothrud Pune Virtual Tuck Shop

2. Virtual Tuck Shop

To make everything required to design and execute a saleable product either as project work or for the exhibition, INIFD Pune Kothrud is the only institute in Pune that prides in providing a virtual tuck shop to its students. We help the students procure everything from sewing machines to plywood at a more economical rate via this virtual tuck shop.

INIFD Kothrud Pune Air conditioned with Power Backup classrooms

3. Air-conditioned with Power Back-up classrooms

For students to completely focus on their work, we at INIFD Pune Kothrud bring them the most comfort an institute can provide. From air conditioned labs, classrooms and common spaces to GenSet and Inverter backed up computer labs; we have it all covered!

INIFD Kothrud Pune Library-CCTV

4. Library, CCTV Surveillance

The Institute has a dedicated operational library for its students. INIFD Kothrud also has a CCTV Surveillance system for its classrooms and common areas.

INIFD Kothrud Pune Common Areas

5. Common Areas

The campus at INIFD Pune Kothrud has been designed in such a way that there are numerous common spaces for students to sit and discuss their work, exchange ideas and even complete their projects.

INIFD Kothrud Pune Parking Facilities

6. Parking Facilities

INIFD Pune Kothrud has allocated space for two wheeler parking for students. The parking is available on first come first serve basis. The course study for each batch of students in INIFD Pune Kothrud is planned in such a way that for every batch the classroom/lab is available at the exact time of their session. This ensures the students receive hassle free education at our institute. The INIFD Pune Kothrud campus has a welcoming vibe along with a centrally air conditioned campus. We believe our students will create luxury only if they learn in luxury.

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