Life Time Placement Assistance

Some relationships are meant to be kept forever. And one such relationship is that of a student and his educational institution. We believe that any student of ours should always be proud to be associated with us. And giving their career a right direction along with good education is also a basic right of any student. So we provide them with lifetime placement assistance. This can give them a support in shaping their career. Students make their own path in life. We just give them options.

Placements For Fashion Designer & Interior Designer

We offer excellent placement opportunities for fashion designers and Interior designers. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide our students with the best job prospects, ensuring that they embark on a successful career in the fashion and interior design industry. Join us to unlock endless possibilities including Fashion design course and Interior design course . To get placed you have to pursue fashion & Interior Design course from INIFD Pune. Check fees for both courses

Marks & SpencerFabindiaAsian Paints
Peter EnglandAllen SollyTH CK
Bombay DyeingGarageLouis Phillipe
LuxorSilver LeafJai Hind
Brinton CarpetsRudrakshaAnd
Pune CentralSie The Design StudioArrow
Seema’s RackJust FabRaashi Bajaj
StylootPumaPriyanka Raajeev
GlobusSiren LabelEspirit
Van HeusenVibgyor BoutiqueWills Lifestyle
Shopper’s StopParmar GroupTommy Hilfiger
Moksha BoutiqueC’laiMadhura Garments
PantaloonsEmboss CeramicsRatan Textiles
More MischiefUnited Colours of BenettonQuenne Anne’s
Amber and ShirinCrystal ApparelIris
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Employers Details : Success Stories

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Bhakti

Bhakti Tayade

Fashion Design, Fashion Consultant for Myntra for the Brand Nautica.

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Rishikesh

Rishikesh Kumar

Fashion Design, Fashion Consultant for Myntra for the Brand MANGO.

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Tejal

Tejal Wairkar

Fashion Design, Regional Visual Merchandiser for Calvin Klein for Pune, Kolhapur, Goa

INIFD Kothrud Success story-priti

Priti Singh

Fashion Design, Freelance Illustrator, interned with Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Anuschya

Anuschya Keshwarwani

Fashion Design, Fashion Stylist for Marks & Spencers

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Dhanashree

Dhanashree Joshi

Interior Design, Design Consultant at Creaticity, Pune

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Uma

Uma Gate

Fashion Design, Entrepreneur, has set up her own boutique

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Amit

Amit Dubey

Interior Design, Heads the Visual Merchandising for Tanishq

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Anand

Anand Bohra

Interior Design, Entrepreneur, owns a firm

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Anuj

Anuj Wadhwani

Interior Design, Entrepreneur, owns a firm Infinite Space Interiors

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Purva

Purva Godbole

Fashion Design, Entrepreneur, has her own label Couture Purva Godbole

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Vrunda

Vrunda Joshi

Fashion Design, Entrepreneur, has her own label Daughters

INIFD Kothrud Success story-gauri

Gauri Ganoo

Fashion Consultant at Luise Phillipe

INIFD Kothrud Success story-sukanya

Sukanya Daberao

Customer Relationship Officer Full Time at Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Rashmi Jayant

Rashmi Jayant

Personal Shopper at Shoppers Stop

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Ashwini Prabhakar Sapkal

Ashwini Prabhakar Sapkal

Mens Fashion Designer at City Mens Wear

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Sarla Valecha

Sarla Valecha

Fashion Consultant at Allen Solly

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Manish Ramani

Manish Ramani

Fashion Consultant at FabIndia

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Md. Imran Umam

Md. Imran Umam

Fashion Consultant at FabIndia

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Soumya Pandey

Soumya Pandey

Fashion Consultant at Peter England

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Anuj Agrawal

Anuj Agrawal

Colour Consultant at Asian Paints

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Reshma Acharya

Reshma Acharya

Interior Designer at Meine Kuche

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Diksha Soni

Diksha Soni

Interior Designer at Kook Kitchen Concept

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Shefali Pimple

Shefali Pimple

Asst Interior Designer at Interia

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Namrata Anil Sharma

Namrata Anil Sharma

Interior Designer at Decor My Place

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Sneha Saxena

Sneha Saxena

Curtain Designer at Beautiful Living

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Shradha Ramgirwar

Shradha Ramgirwar

Intern at D'Decor

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Nancy Jain

Nancy Jain

Interior Designer at Decor My Place

INIFD | Kothrud success story-Manoj Dhole

Manoj Dhole

Dharmadhikari Associates

INIFD | Kothrud success story-Anushka Kulkarni

Anushka Kulkarni

Grace Designer Boutique

INIFD | Kothrud success story-Yuti Dave

Yuti Dave

C.R.O in Van Huesen

INIFD | Kothrud success story-Nutan Khandelwal

Nutan Khandelwal

Wedding Trouseau planner

INIFD | Kothrud success story-Ankita More

Ankita More

Visual Merchand. at UCB

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Minal Sahakar

Minal Sahakar

Designer at Just Fab

INIFD Kothrud Success story-IAkanksha Dhumale

Akanksha Dhumale

Vibgyor Boutique

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Karthika Thevar

Karthika Thevar

Fashion Consultant at UCB

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Harshada Ghui

Harshada Ghui

Visual Merchand. in Puma

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Vimal Bhartendu

Vimal BhartenduAss.

Fashion Designer at LUXOR ,Delhi

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Akshada Shitoot

Akshada Shitoot

Fashion Designer at Seema’s Rack

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Priyanka Kumari

Priyanka Kumari

Visual Merchandising Head Amanora town Centre

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Sanskriti Karim

Sanskriti Karim

Entrepreneur Runway

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Madhushree Bhatt

Madhushree Bhatt

Visual Merchandising Manager at Future Group

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Ankita Sarawgi

Ankita Sarawgi

Owner Siren Label

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Usman Sheik

Usman Sheik

Fashion Designer Runway

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Anushri Aranke

Anushri Aranke

Fashion Consultant Van Heusen

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Pankaj Gadwal

Pankaj Gadwal

Interior Designer Parmar Associates

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Ruhi Khan

Ruhi Khan

Fashion Entrepreneur Eva Design Studio

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Abhijeet Dange

Abhijeet Dange

Interior Designer Sugam Associates

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Tina Jhonson

Tina Jhonson

Lecturer at IIFT

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Irena Waring

Irena Waring

Fashion Design Tutor INIFD

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Anand Chippada

Anand Chippada

Fashion Illustrator

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Avinash Mohapatra

Avinash Mohapatra

Fashion Designer

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Rupam Barucha

Rupam Barucha

Interior Designer Custom D

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Priyank Mehta

Priyank Mehta

Entrepreneur Stream Design Studio

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Namrata Barua

Namrata Barua

Interior Designer Creations

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Priyanka Bhosale

Priyanka Bhosale

Interior Designer Kitchen Depot

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Arun Soni

Arun Soni

Design Visualizer Mirror Company

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Amol Bhansali

Amol Bhansali

Interior Designer & Civil Engineer Bhansali & Associates

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Nikhil Dubey

Nikhil Dubey

Interior Designer Home Inn

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Siddharth Dangale

Siddharth Dangale

Fashion Illustration Faculty IINFD

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Poonam Gurav

Poonam Gurav

Fashion Consultant at Globus

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Shweta Oza

Shweta Oza

Fashion Designer Quenne Annes

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Amit Dubey

Amit Dubey

Fashion Stylist at Globus

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Priya Biyani

Priya Biyani

Asst. Designer At Styloot

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Amit Bajaj

Amit Bajaj

Asst. Designer At Parikrama Interiors

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Vishal Pursani

Vishal Pursani

Asst. Designer at Parikrama Inter.

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Shankar Nagwani

Shankar Nagwani

Asst. Designer at Parikrama Inter.

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Sarika Phad

Sarika Phad

Interior Designer Brinton Carpets

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Anand Gautam

Anand Gautam

Prod. Team Leader in Brinton Carpet

INIFD Kothrud Success story-LAVAL KUMAR


Ass. Production Mgr in Varadhman

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Somoshree Senroy

Somoshree Senroy

Team Lead at Brinton Carpets

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Mayuri Yardi

Mayuri Yardi

Interior Designer Architect Ashish Bhole

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Vijay Chavan

Vijay Chavan


INIFD Kothrud Success story-Himali Shinde

Himali Shinde

Interior Designer Architect Ravi Gadre & Associat

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Gajendra


Fashion Designer at Garage

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Shantanu Wable

Shantanu Wable

Designer at Emboss Ceramics

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Shabnam


Sie The Design Studio

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Snehal Shinde

Snehal Shinde

Fashion Designer Seema’s Rack

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Harshada Sawankar

Harshada Sawankar

Project Lead Kitchen Depot

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Gajanan More

Gajanan More

Interior Designer Penabu Modular Systems

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Bhawna Mahawar

Bhawna Mahawar

Interior Designer Dharmadhikari Associates

INIFD Kothrud Success story-Priyanka Nangre

Priyanka Nangre

Visual Merchandiser Pune Central

INIFD Kothrud Success stories-Riya Debnath

Riya Debnath

Visual Merchandiser Pune Central

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal

Visual Merchandiser Pune Central

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Anita Bhave

Anita Bhave

Freelance Fashion Designer

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Nupur Brahme

Nupur Brahme

Interior Designer Narendra Kitchens & Interiors

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Priyanka Date

Priyanka Date

Interior Designer Kitchen Depot

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Amruta Jarad

Amruta Jarad

Interior Designer Advision Associates

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Navneet Mishra

Navneet Mishra

Interior Designer & Entrepreur

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Rahul Sewaivar

Rahul Sewaivar

Fashion Entrepreneur

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Kavita Apotikar

Kavita Apotikar

Senior Interior Designer Axis Paradigm

INIFD Kothrud Success stories Rohini Garje

Rohini Garje

Fashion Designer Garage

  • Sudeshna Chatterji – Design Firm
  • K Asa – Amber & Shirin
  • Rohita Komalwalliwar – Interior Design Firm
  • Nutan Khandelwal – Wedding Trousseau Planner
  • Satvaseel Dani – Design Studio
  • Vimal Bhartendu – Luxor,Delhi
  • Sarika Phad – Asian Paints
  • Kumari – Shoppers Stop as a Fashion Consultant
  • Dave – C.R.O Van Huesen
  • Anand Gautam – Production Team Leader at Brinton’s
  • Laval Kumar – Assistant Production Manager at Vardhman
  • Ruchi Chaudhary – Sabyasachi Couture
  • Shrikant Maldhure – Entrepreneur
  • Sandeepa Virk – Arrow
  • Samika – Tommy Hilfiger
  • Kavita Apotikar – Delta Interiors
  • Mallika Rai – NSL Fashion Pvt.Ltd.
  • Shanlni Gupta – United Colors of Benetton
  • Anushka Kulkarni – Owns a Boutique
  • Saurabh Dubey – Interior,s Firm & Govt. Tenders.
  • Abhijeet Gambhir – Enterpreneur
  • Mukesh Suthar - Godrej
  • Sapna Sharma – Madhura Garments
  • Amol – Interior Design Firm
  • Rydhim Agrawal – Pantaloons.
  • Abhinay Kumar – Esprit
  • Mayuri Yardi – Asian Paints
  • Supinder Kaur – Rattan Textiles
  • Hemali Shinde – Ravi Gadre & Associates
  • Rupam – Entrepreneur
  • and many more










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