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How will INIFD Kothrud help you in job placements after finishing your course?

Designers, be it any field, have to go through a lot of training to become experts and to have the artistic thought process that enables them to develop new ideas and deriving concepts. That is why a lot of fields and job prospects open up for them.

Being inherently creative people, designers can put their minds to any venture, and it is going to be a success, and INIFD Kothrud has a steady graph in placement figures because here they take pride in where their students get placed.

Job placements at INIFD Kothrud Pune

INIFD Kothrud has a high placement score; probably the best in Pune. They collaborate with the most reputed names of Indian fashion, which helps create impressive resumes for a student’s future. INIFD Kothrud also has a dedicated team who ensure that each graduate student gets placed.

INIFD Kothrud has a strong reputation for creating highly skilled design individuals in the fashion and interior design industry & 100% lifetime support for placements. They provide internship, recruitment and training programs that help students and alumni establish connections & navigate their creative careers and with their industry partners.

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Some of the highly sought after brands have recruited INIFD students straight from the campus. The best part being that clients rope in budding talent at INIFD Pune Kothrud for projects. The client who wants to get their space furnished according to the latest trend or to get a beautiful outfit designed and stitched as per the newest fashion usually contact the institute daily.

It is such opportunities that help the designers create a strong portfolio as they learn. It gives them a cutting edge at placements because they have a plethora of work to prove their skill.

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The ex INIFDians are now successfully placed either with the fashion or interior industry or have begun creating their brand of clothing by designing some unique creations. Know more about fashion designing courses in Pune .

Starting from the exposure, the connections , to the recognition of the students at INIFD Pune Kothrud receive while completing their course, definitely gives a massive boost to their career.

To understand better, you also have the option to choose between:

Placement / Internship

Internship INIFD Kothrud Pune

INIFD Kothrud team offers online placement tracking supports to get its students a seamless experience in getting placements and internships. Speak to our placement officer for more information about the opportunity to be placed.

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Speak with an advisor

Speak with our student counsellor at INIFD Pune Kothrud. The advisor will help you understand what suits best for you be it in the interior or fashion Industry. They also help you choose the right option, be it in terms of work or about the placement options to accept the job opportunity best suited to your strengths and specialization.