What is the syllabus of fashion designing course?

Most fashion designing courses adopt a holistic approach when designing the syllabus to introduce students to all the aspects of designing and creating garments and accessories. The subjects covered include the basic introduction to fashion designing, the skills that are required and the possible career paths available to prospective fashion designers. They also include diverse topics such as the history of fashion designing, understanding fashion, trends in fashion designing, equipment used for garment and accessory production, fabrics and raw materials, pattern making, sewing, marketing, etc.

Today, we will briefly look at the syllabus of a short-term course in fashion designing as well as a 3-year course.
A 1-year certificate in fashion designing typically includes the following subjects: Design, Pattern Making, Illustration, History of Costumes, Clothing Construction, Garment Industry, Textile Science and Surface ornamentation.

The curriculum of the long-term Fashion Design Certification course at INIFD Pune is specially designed to help students become competent to endure and thrive in today’s demanding fashion industry. The whole curriculum is divided into three years of study as follows:

First Year:

The first-year course introduces students to the basic concepts of fashion designing and is designed to instil the work ethic in students. The first-year course includes the following subjects: Foundation Classes; Fundamentals of Textiles; Elements of Fashion Design; Fashion Illustration; Indian Art and Costume Appreciation; Pattern Making and Garment Construction and Embroidery and Surface Ornamentation.

Second Year:

The second-year fashion designing course syllabus is more about the applied aspects of the fashion industry. The second-year students are already well versed with the basic fashion designing subjects as well as concepts of ethics and aesthetics. This knowledge is taken further in the second year with the following subjects: Study of Apparel Marketing; Pattern Making and Construction; Design Process; Traditional Textiles and Embroidery; Technical Fashion Sketching and Textile study and Application to Fashion Art.

Third Year:

Third year is the most critical year for the students at INIFD, Kothrud, Pune. In this year, the students receive the finishing touches in order to go out and be successful in the fashion industry. The whole 3-year course is uniquely designed to help students plant their feet firmly in the world of fashion. This last year includes the most rigorous topics, which are as follows: Promotional Product Development; Art Portfolio and Design Concepts; Pattern Making, Grading and Draping; World Art and Costume Appreciation; Care Renovation and Finishes of Textile; Retail Marketing and Visual Merchandising; Project Work and Apparel Manufacturing.

Year of Study (1st) Year of Study (2nd) Year of Study (3rd)
Elements of Textiles Fashion Illustration & Application Design Concepts & Art Portfolio
Fashion Illustration and Model Drawing Study of Apparel Industry (Marketing) Care Renovation and Finishes of Textiles
Garment Construction and Drawing Textile Study Applicable to Fashion Art Retail Marketing & Visual Marketing
Basics of Fashion Advance Techniques Of Garment Construction (including advanced drafting & pattern making) Promotional Product Development
- - Study of Apparel Manufacturing Process
Additional learning available (Optional, no extra cost)
Textile Study Design Process Export Documentation
Elements of Design Traditional Textiles & Embroidery Project Work
History of Indian Costumes CAD - II Pattern Making, Grading and Draping
Surface Ornamentation (Embroidery) - World Art and Costume Appreciation


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