What are the Job Opportunities after Certification in Fashion Design?

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The most asked question after one completes their graduation is, ‘What are your future plans? What’s next after fashion design?’ It's always the future that we’re concerned about and with the field of fashion designing, it is as important.

Rest assured that there are lots of options and opportunities, apart from apparel designing. To help you understand better, mentioned below are some lucrative job opportunities after fashion designing for those who do not want to restrict themselves to the apparel design industry.

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What can you do with a fashion design degree

INIFD Kothrud has a high placement score; probably the best in Pune. They collaborate with the most reputed names of Indian fashion, which helps create impressive resumes for a student’s future. INIFD Kothrud also has a dedicated team who ensure that each graduate student gets placed.

INIFD Kothrud has a strong reputation for creating highly skilled design individuals in the fashion and interior design industry & 100% lifetime support for placements. They provide internship, recruitment and training programs that help students and alumni establish connections & navigate their creative careers and with their industry partners.

Some of the highly sought after brands have recruited INIFD students straight from the campus. The best part being that clients rope in budding talent at INIFD Pune Kothrud for projects. The client who wants to get their space furnished according to the latest trend or to get a beautiful outfit designed and stitched as per the newest fashion usually contact the institute daily.

It is such opportunities that help the designers create a strong portfolio as they learn. It gives them a cutting edge at placements because they have a plethora of work to prove their skill.

The ex INIFDians are now successfully placed either with the fashion or interior industry or have begun creating their brand of clothing by designing some unique creations. Know more about fashion designing courses in Pune .

Starting from the exposure, the connections , to the recognition of the students at INIFD Pune Kothrud receive while completing their course, definitely gives a massive boost to their career.

8 careers options in the fashion design world

1. Fashion Model

Poise, personality and panache are what you need to become a model. A fashion designer can, of course, model their own clothes. They have a career as a full-time model. You can also be a freelance model or work with an agency, who will then help you connect with the best brands, designers, photographers, etc.

This helps you network. Needless to say, being a model is an extremely fun and fulfilling job, with lots of perks like travelling and working with an extremely creative team and excitement. It may become an exhaustive job, but for sure, it comes with its own perks.

2. Work as a fashion blogger/writer

If you have the gift of putting your thoughts into words, you can pursue a career in writing for a fashion magazine or become an independent fashion blogger. Fashion blogging is an industry that’s picking up like no other.

Especially with micro blogging sites helping you boost your creative side. Try to find a niche, your authentic selling point and focus on that. By doing so, you portray what you love and curate content with high-end brands and be well paid for it.

3. Illustrator

Designers need freehand sketches of their ideas. For this, they require excellent communication skills along with outstanding sketching skills to put their thoughts into action. That’s the job of an illustrator! They are one of the most sought after professionals at any big garment house/organisations.

4. Fashion Journalist

As a fashion journalist, you will be in charge of a fashion magazine’s style content through which the general public gets to know about the latest fashion trends. For which you need to have an effortless taste in fashion and a desire to understand the latest fashion news, current and future trends in color, design and fabric. Today, as a fashion journalist, there is a need for exclusive articles and programs with the development of the fashion industry.

5. Jewellery designer

If clothes are really not something that interests you, you have the option of designing jewellery and accessories. You can opt to specialize and study further in the field. It will help you gain knowledge about gemstones, precious metals and create designs from scratch.

6. Fashion photography

Many students cultivate different artistic hobbies while studying fashion designing courses in Pune. Photography is one of those professions that complement fashion designing. If you have a good eye for detail and composition, fashion photography is an ideal choice for you.

You can often start with your college’s publication or help friends to photoshoot their designs. Fashion photography requires knowledge of fashion trends and how patterns, drapes, and colors look in a picture frame. If you love playing around with a camera and like shooting everything from accessories to apparel to jewellery, this profession is perfect for you.

7. Art Direction

Fashion designing is not just clothes or accessories; it is about bringing your creative vision to life. For those who feel the need to diversify a little and work in something related to the same field, art direction is something you can, for sure, look at.

The main responsibility of an art director is arranging the text along with the images to create an aesthetically pleasing layout.

8. Retail Market

The retail market can act as a stepping stone, as working in retail helps you understand the useful aspects in the next innings of your career. Many budding designers find it beneficial to work at a boutique showroom under famous designers to get a gist of the industry while also learning from the designer. Working in retail also helps you interact and understand the customer's needs.

At INIFD Kothrud, we offer our students, 100% placement assistance and help them in their career path. Certificate courses from INIFD and academic collaborations with Lakme Fashion Week, other fashion weeks across the world and FBB Miss India help students enhance their skills and provide them with the best of exposure and opportunities. Check how INIFD provides 100% Lifetime placement assistance


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