The Next Big Thing in Interior Designing

The spring is on us all, the fashions & trends in Interiors are going to be taking shape in the same way. Although, not only are we going to be getting to see some never-seen-before packages, but we’re also going to witness a stark return of some of the old-is-gold stuff.

The sign-of-the-times is to sit at home and be a lot more productive, although a little eerie at times, this is the kind of space & time that often lets creators take a – longer leap or run that extra mile – when it comes to ideation & creation.

Listed below are some of the predicted BIG Things in Interior Designing, especially, when it comes to the spring & summer season –

1) The Healing Décor Aesthetic

1) The Healing Décor Aesthetic

This one has been coming for a while now. A lot of creators & designers in the field of interiors have not just been expecting to have this one back to its form & glory but have also been putting-in their bits to bring it back.

A lot more people are moving towards the essence of sustainability in their overall lives. Right from food, to the clothes they wear. So much so, that there is a lot of demand in the markets for products that give a sense of peaceful sustainability. This has what has mostly contributed towards the shift in mindsets of people – who are now expecting a more healing & soothing décor (in overall ambience) from their interior designers.

This trend has always picked-up when the world, and, in-turn its designs, are getting too loud. Even now, there is a lot of room and scope for this more-recently adopted trend in interiors to grow and prosper whilst still providing designs that have more intrinsic value than otherwise.

healing decore aesthetic

2) The Return of WOOD

the return of wood

2) The Return of WOOD

YES! The outdoors are coming back-in! There are more than a few indicators that have gone on to show that a lot of people are spending more resources when it comes to aesthetically using one of our biggest sources for structures – wood; and of course, sustainably.

This year, we would go as far as saying that a lot more wood is going to be used in the designs of several interiors, and, not just in lawn or patio furniture. Be it in bathrooms – as sturdy wooden tables, mirror frames & panels, accessory & bathroom paraphernalia holders, etc.; or in kitchens – as increased wooden framing & panelling, cabinet creations, tables, chairs, etc.; or in the living room – as more wooden furniture, chairs, tables, swings, couch frames, television frames & holders, etc.

This surge in the return of more wood as an integral unit in designs has picked-up because people want a more earthen & natural feel to not only their homes but, also in most other areas & places where they spend quite a bit of time.

According to Chris von Eckartsberg and Hans Baldauf from BCV Architecture + Interior, "people are increasingly seeking connections from nature. Whether it’s contextually appropriate or the perfect counterpoint to help modernize an existing restaurant, for example, wood is a timeless, versatile material." You may also Like: Can I do a part-time Interior Designer Course?

3) Mismatch, Off-Beat & Off-Trends

3) Mismatch, Off-Beat & Off-Trends

The demand for a bit of off-beat-ness & loudness in designs might never fade. There are always going to be a large number of people who prefer a little (or a lot) extra in how their expectations, vision and outcome-of-output in interiors would turn-out.

They don’t mind going a bit crazy when it comes to going the extra mile when it comes to wanting designs that are bolder in nature when compared to the more minimalistic & subtly designed outputs. Simply put, they find most ‘simplistic’ designs – ordinary, and, always want more jazz & shabang in the areas & places where they are going to be spending the most amount of time in.

Such is their nature, and, if they’re not going to get it in most places – outside of their control, they most certainly would go towards wanting it in their own homes & workspaces – where they could even share and expect to see a part of their bolder imagination coming to life.

mismatch off beats & off trends

4) Easy-To-Use, Natural & Sustainable Material

Easy to use natural and sustainable material

4) Easy-To-Use, Natural & Sustainable Material

The whole planet is generally and gently moving towards sustainability. In this (not so much of a) race – people and a lot of design firms and corporations are altering their courses towards using material and products that are a lot more in harmony with the planet than ever before. And, the best part? All of this is being done out of more of a choice and a decision; than force.

Though, sustainability does not (and should not) have to directly correspond to more sober & sombre designs; because who is to say that a great big, bold & colourful statue in front of a quirky Ad Agency hasn’t been created out of materials that were otherwise planned on being thrown out? Or, even non-biodegradable in itself?

In similar cases, the use of such materials is definitely justified since they aren’t actually being discarded or thrown-out, but used in an artistic manner to provide value in moralistic value and visual appeal.

People with such ideas have often been (and abundantly are being) called upon when it comes to delivering on such aesthetic extravagance.

5) Bolder Colours & Patterns

5) Bolder Colours & Patterns

Now we all had a neon phase. Back in the early 2010s. Soon it became passe and fizzled out. But now neon is back and it's brighter than ever.

Screaming shades of orange, pink, and yellow have lined runways for jackets, coats, skirts, dresses and even accessories like bags and shoes.

Neon is now a favourite designer’s catwalks, from Tom Ford to Christopher John Rogers, and Courreges. So make sure you’re getting on the trend wagon as soon as you can!

As seen, this season is a lot about reviving old, vintage trends. And these 5 spring-summer latest fashion design trends that are bound to make a splash in the coming year!

Keep a watch and wear them before they become a fashion faux pas again.

Bolder Colours & Pattern

To Conclude

Interior designing is a highly creative field that has vastly & widely transformed, and then re-transformed itself over the years. And, because this is a field that is largely fuelled by the insights and expenditure of people, there can never be one main pathway that creates worlds of it to appeal to every single person. Create your future in Interior Design industry through Leading interior design institute in Pune

Although, the best part is that there is a lot more potential for both – the designers and the people – to come together and create a lot more of what we don’t yet know to exist. You may also like: Interior Design Trends

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