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Interior Design Trends in 2024

With spaces becoming even smarter and more sustainable, one can say that interior design is evolving. Here’s what’s trending across the Indian interior design space in 2024.

5 Interior Design Trends of 2024

With spaces becoming even smarter and more sustainable, one can say that interior design is evolving. Here’s what’s trending across the Indian interior design space in 2024.

1. Smart Furniture

Interior design trends-smart surniture

Technology has become an integral part of contemporary interior design. Today’s customer demands a blend of grace, comfort and technological convenience.

Some trending elements include self-shading windows, tech-driven speakers and controllers, induction cooktops, etc. The idea is to add to the space’s aesthetic grace while enabling the residents to operate these devices from their smartphones.

Integrating IoT is another vital aspect, where interior designers collaborate with IoT specialists to help save energy and money and make informed decisions on routine aspects.

2. Home-Based Offices

Home-Based Offices

Home-based offices or Work from Home (WFH) don’t require an introduction. It’s been a trend for the past few years and is here to stay for a long time. Now that calls for designing interiors aligned with the new remote, or precisely home-based working trend. Interior designers leverage their technical expertise to create elegant home-based offices with everything professionals need to continue working. The idea is to make the room more functional and allow the user to work more comfortably.

3. Green Spaces

Incorporating an element of green isn’t a new trend. It has been since immemorial and advertently adhered to by interior designers. Nevertheless, the trend has evolved over the years from simplistic green spaces with saplings to advanced indoor greenery with little to mid-sized plants and trees. Precisely, the trend is nature-inspired décor. While amplifying the space’s natural charm, it gives it a calming character and keeps the room perpetually fresh, welcoming and cool.

4. Wellness-Oriented Designs

Holistic wellness is a trend as significant as home-based offices. Residents now demand a home that caters to their professional and lifestyle needs. Interior designers have adapted well to the evolving situation. They’ve been creating wellness-oriented spaces that help slow and calm down the mind and help it function optimally. Of course, creating such spaces isn’t a cakewalk for sure. It takes a high level of understanding of colour combinations, materials, designs, etc., to create the magic.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is another important unignorable trend. Glass has almost dethroned plastic and made a royal comeback since the last year and has been extensively used in interior designs since then. It has been commonly used in walls, large pendants, etc. Interior designers are choosing sustainable materials and products that can be recycled and repurposed, reducing waste and dependence on non-renewable sources.

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