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Extracurricular activities are a great way to participate in an activity you enjoy and to socialize with your peers. They are also an important part of your own growth and the opportunity to put into the practical use of all that you have learnt in theory.

That is exactly why INIFD Kothrud, truly believes in creating a 360-degree development that ensures growth beyond the curriculum.

To ensure that all the students passing out from INIFD Kothrud take with them a huge portfolio filled with industry level work, ample experience of working on real-life projects and a generous media exposure.

Take a look at some of the awesome activities that happen at our institute -

Fashion Shows

Where students can participate and design clothes for the models. A medium to showcase your love for fashion and colours through your artistic side. This being a co-participating event, the students will design and their peer will walk the runway in it. It also builds team effort to bring out the best of every individual alike for the event to be a huge success.

“Spectacular” for Kids

For this grand event, the fashion design students are expected to do the entire process of designing, right from working on the theme to the stitching and draping of the outfits on the little models who will be posing in their curated artistic pieces. This event is conducted and sponsored by INIFD Kothrud and it covers the cost for the entire shoot, creatives and styling.

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“Spectacular” for Adults

For this event, the students of INIFD Pune Kothrud get a more advanced project of designing their own line of couture for adults. The students are given the opportunity to create original fashion attire for female and male models alike. This also includes photo shoots that have props which are specially designed by the interior designing students depending on the theme of the show. This event is conducted and sponsored by INIFD Kothrud and it covers the cost for the entire shoot, creatives and styling.


The designs created by students can then be showcased in exhibitions, where they get to display their pieces and also sell them. This gives them live feedback and helps them understand what the consumer is looking for and how they can meet the consumer demand with their supply.

Opportunity to showcase in fashion shows like NYFW, London Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week, etc

Associations with Lakme Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, NYFW and various other fashion weeks, help students enhance their skills and provide them with the best of exposure and opportunities. Also, the opportunity to experience a one-month residential program in London to upgrade your skill.

Live projects and Field Visits

Possibly one of the best parts about studying at INIFD Kothrud is that it provides its students with so many live projects to work on that they gain the required exposure and experience. Add to this the educational tours/ field visits to Hyderabad, Islampur, Radio City, etc. helps them to understand their work better and receive constructive feedback from an experienced professional perspective which enables them to better their craft.

With such extravagant activities happening, it’s no wonder that INIFD Kothrud is the premier institute for interior design courses in Pune and fashion designing courses in Pune as well.

It gives its students the edge and the required experience and exposure about the industry and an idea about what they can expect when they step in the dynamic world of designing be it interior or fashion.

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