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Which are the Top Fashion Bloggers/ Influencers / V-loggers in India?

Fashion bloggers and influencers have a massive impact on the social media audience. YouTube and Instagram are a full-fledged hub for most of the influencers and bloggers to post fashion and styling content. Most of the youth rely on them for fashion reviews, suggestions, and trendy styling tips. Every kind of fashion content you crave for is curated on Instagram authentically.

While the internet is flooded with fashion content, we have picked some of the dominant Fashion Bloggers and Top Fashion Influencers for you to follow.

Malvika Sitlani

Inifd Pune Malvika Sitlani

Malvika Sitlani is last year’s (2019)Cosmopolitan Beauty Blogger. With beauty, product reviews, and makeup, she puts together with a lot of fashion and styling content as well. You must follow her as she loves curating her dresses. Malvika is an inspiration for many Fashion students as she is so relatably fashionable.

Find her Vlogs on -

Instagram Handle -

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Kritika Khurana

Inifd Pune Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana is famous for her blog “That Boho Girl” which is all about Fashion and Lifestyle. Kritika serves amazing content on her Instagram Page and Youtube V-logs. Her blogs are one-stop for all fashion-related stuff like makeup, trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories, this Delhi based fashionista also has her e-commerce fashion brand, which consists if elegant outfits with the latest styles.

Find her Vlogs on -

Instagram Handle -

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Ashna Shroff

Inifd Pune Ashna Shroff

The Snob Journal is one of the most inspirational blogs by the fashion icon - Ashna Shroff. Her YouTube channel will take you through a collection of vlogs, her top lookbooks, makeup, and fashion hauls. Her Instagram features more of hair and accessories, beauty reviews, and self-care. Ashna develops all types of content focussing on female’s needs for beauty and fashion. Check out her fashion collection at ‘The Snob Shop.’

Find her Vlogs on -

Instagram Handle -

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Website -

Komal Pandey

Inifd Pune Komal Pandey

Most fashion followers know Komal Pandey because of POPxo videos. She has multiple tutorials for your rescue like how to wear a saree, corporate looks, one-piece looks, and many. She believes fashion is for everyone who wanna dress well and can be inculcated easily with a little styling.

Find her Vlogs on -

Instagram Handle -

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Sejal Kumar

Inifd Pune Sejal Kumar

She is one of those who have given up on their 9 - 5 jobs to live her dream. Now she is a full-time fashion influencer and content creator who has benchmarked to be the Top Fashion bloggers in India. Sejal is known for her realistic fashion which most of us can relate and adapt quickly. Sejal is always sleek and chic and reflects her personality in her vlogs.

Find her Vlogs on -

Instagram Handle -

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Karron S Dhinggra

Inifd Pune Karron S Dhinggra

To top the fashion bloggers list in India, Karron Dhinggra has got all those edgy and stylish looks and fashion sense to help you with daily outfits. With his vlog channel on YouTube, “The Formal Edit” he does many videos on men grooming, dressing, luxury menswear and more.

Find her Vlogs on -

Instagram Handle -


Inifd Pune Kish

Style by Kish focusses a lot on Men’s fashion and styling. Kish travels to the most exotic locations in the world with an entrepreneur and model like dressing. Kish has his own men’s apparel online store. Kishwear offers clothing, jewellery, and accessories for sophisticated men loving sophisticated styling. Check out more on

Instagram Handle -

Tejeshwar Sandhoo

Inifd Pune Tejeshwar Sandhoo

Blueberryblackout is an amazing men’s fashion blog on Instagram. Tejeshwar Sandhoo is a Delhi based Men’s Fashion Blogger focussing on millennial lifestyle. Experiment a complete change in your wardrobe by following his trendy dressing style.

Instagram Handle -

Dhruv Madan

Inifd Pune Dhruv Madan

Dhruv Madan leaves no stone behind to benchmark his styling in the top fashion influencers list. Dhruv is not only a fashion enthusiast but a fitness consultant and nutritionist as well. His fashion has hooked most of the men to get many tips for their lifestyle.

Instagram Handle -

Amaan Vivek Armaan

Inifd Pune Amaan Vivek Armaan

TheSoBoGuys is Indias most leading luxury lifestyle men fashion blog. Amaan, Vivek, and Armaan are doing their best in the world of fashion by teaming up in the mist stylish way. Their Instagram feed is a total package of inspiration for grooming, luxury, style, and fitness.

Instagram Handle -

While scrolling your feed, do not forget to follow these fantastic fashion icons for your day to day styling tips. Whenever you are bored from your regular fashion studies, this content from brilliant and top fashion bloggers and influencers will add a lot to your knowledge.

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