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What's Next After an Interior Designing Course?

Interior design as a career has gained much popularity in India as a lot of youth are attracted to this lucrative career option. Before making your lifetime career choice, you must have some knowledge about the design world.

To become an interior designer, you need to have an inclination towards architecture, textiles, design and colours. If you enjoy decorating your home, you are definitely a great Interior decorator already. But there is a huge difference between Interior decorator and an Interior designer.

Anyone who loves to play with colours, designs and decoration can easily become an Interior decorator. But this isn't sufficient to have a great career ahead. You need to incline your passion and make it a successful career.

To be an Interior designer you must have an accredited education. A bachelor's degree or an associate degree is a must to work in the Interior design field in the long term. Even if you jump in the market as an interior decorator you will always feel the need to complete your education and be an Interior designer.

So why waste so many years just to realise the worth of the degree. Make your mind from the first stage to pursue a perfect career in interior design. To have a knack for design, the first thing you need to do is follow your passion. You need to love designing and then with your work you will make people fall in love with your designs.

In today's word, the scope of interior designing is much more competitive than it was years ago. You need to get practical knowledge to get a good exposure in the design industry. In India, the scope for an interior designer is huge backed by innovative and creative thinking and implementing the same professionally in your designing. To plan and execute the design projects, an Interior designer should be equipped with a proper educational degree and have an on-field practical experience. Thinking out of the box and practically implementing the thought-provoking ideas into beautiful spaces of the client is the real art of an Interior designer.

Career options in Interior Design

INIFD Pune Career options in Interior Design

After you complete a course and start your career as an Interior designer. After gaining a good amount of work experience, you can specialise in your own niche and choose the right career path for yourself in Interior Designing. Take a look at the possible career options as an Interior designer.

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Home Interior designer

INIFD Pune Kothrud Home Interior designer

A residential interior designer has to deal with each and everything related to home designing. Right from the entrance to the balcony, everything is entirely designed. The priority of a home interior designer is to make a livable space for every client in the most pleasing and comfortable way.

Commercial Interior designer

INIFD Kothrud Pune Commercial Interior designer

A commercial interior designer works with a lot of clients from different backgrounds like retail shops, restaurants, hotels and commercial spaces with many avenues for specialization within itself. You can work with various types of business to enhance the opportunities in your career.

Universal Interior designer

INIFD Universal Interior designer

A universal interior designer must create spaces which are accessible to everyone outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. While designing a new building or renovating the old space, a universal interior designer has to incorporate all the needs of the disabled, children and elderly people. Learning the principles of universal interior design is really valuable in the career of an interior designer.

Healthcare Interior designer

INIFD Pune Healthcare Interior designer

You can specialise in health care interior design after you pursue your interior design course. Right from designing a calm space for the patients waiting room to doctors office everything in the hospital has to be well planned. To cheer up patients every facility has to be functional and beautiful.

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Corporate Interior designer

INFD Pune Corporate Interior designer

Companies want to comfort their employees in a comfortable office space with the help of a corporate Interior designer. Designing an office space is a dynamic task as the requirements differ from industry to industry. According to the vast needs of the client, corporate interior design has to strategically plan the entire project.

Sustainable Interior designer

INIFD Pune Sustainable Interior designer

Sustainable interior designers are concerned with the impacts on the environment. They have to carefully choose the materials and products and create a wonderful interior and space. A Sustainable interior designer has to consider all the factors like paints, flooring, furniture and all the material required to support the environment and fulfil the clients' needs.

Best Interior Designing course after 12th in Pune

INIFD Pune Kothrud is the best college to pursue a course in Interior Design. The students are given exposure to execute their interior design knowledge on projects like residential and commercial spaces, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, retail spaces and areas that need organized decor. INIFD Kothrud Pune has a unique curriculum that equips students with all the knowledge needed to sustain in today’s world. The training methodology focuses on the latest trends in the interior designing world.

The students of INIFD Pune Kothrud are well versed with the latest trends in the market, they are trained in the latest software in the field of design like AutoCAD in 2D as well as 3D modes. With all the practical and theoretical knowledge students are given an experiential learning experience through live demos, workshops and site visits. The training methodology used by INIFD Kothrud Pune makes them the leading interior design institute in Pune.


The results are not criteria for the admission but formal education is required. Certification Course at INIFD Kothrud Pune needs a minimum qualification of 10 + 2 or students who have completed 10 + 3 years of any vocational course/polytechnic. For the Super Specialization Certification Course, a student should have a minimum qualification of 10 + 2 + 3 from any university.

In the end

Learn all the in and outs to help your clients in every possible way. Be a peoples person and share your experiences from the past client by giving amazing useful solutions. Be the best interior designer by bridging the gap between implementing your creativity and fulfilling the client's needs.