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What is INIFD e-Interactive?

Has lockdown put your college dreams on hold? Are you unsure of what your future will be? If you are someone who wants to pursue a career in the interior or fashion design then worry no more. INIFD Kothrud is here to accelerate your career, with or without the lockdown. Keep your education on track with INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive!

What Is INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive?

INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive

INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive has brought INIFD Kothrud’s whole curriculum online. It's an Online Fashion College and an Online Interior College in one unbeatable package. We offer the best of learning even in these challenging times. INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive is a blended learning program made for students of INIFD Kothrud exclusively.

We have converted your regular college into an #OnlineDesignCollege with live classes, on-the-spot Q&A, 2-way student-teacher interactions, live workshops, and a lot more. And all of this is without compromising on the quality of coaching & personal engagement.

Our live, virtual classrooms are an effective solution to online learning. They are much better than pre-recorded sessions because here you can talk to teachers and ask them doubts, interact with your classmates and learn not only the theory but also practicals of designing!

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Where Are The Virtual Classrooms Conducted?

INIFD Kothrud Pune Virtual Classrooms

All our classes are conducted through our new-gen Learning Management System a.k.a. LMS software. Our LMS software is so seamless, that you do not even need a laptop. You can also use your phone to attend the class. This LMS is a single stop for attending lectures, communicating with teachers, assignments, attendance, grades and more. We also have app-based learning with a customisable study plan, individual progress tracking, event plans & the college calendar.

Of course these courses are for all the years and all the programs that run at INIFD Kothrud. 1Year, 2 Year, 3 Year, Super Specialization Courses and more! So all our students have nothing to worry about.

But has this proven to be effective you ask? Of course! We have already conducted 125 online classes with more than 10,000 learning hours for existing students in the first 4 weeks, and live webinars for our foundation batch.

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Apart From The Course Curriculum, There Is Much More In-Store!

Inifd pune fashion student working

A. Top-Notch Facilities

State of the art classrooms, design studios with the latest design equipment, an extensive library containing the wisdom of the masters in fashion, a wide variety of mediums and materials to work with and a lot more. After lockdown ends you can come back on campus to experience all of this!

B. Lifetime Placement Assistance

INIFD is dedicated to providing internship, recruitment and networking programs that help students and alumni navigate their creative careers and establish connections with our industry partners.

C. International Tie-Ups & Associations

INIFD Pune is proud to be associated with International fashion week, clothing manufacturers association of India, SOC, MCCIA, iCAD, Association of Designers of India and more. Both our interior and fashion students will also get to learn from the online courses by the London School of Trends which will give them an international outlook to their work.

D. Bonding Inside and Outside the Classroom!

We also have the INIFD Kothrud special “Chai Pe Charcha”- which are forums for students and teachers to bond outside the virtual classroom and talk about their experiences. We also conduct Instagram Lives to have informal Q & A sessions, discussions, stay in touch.

E. And What After the Lockdown is Over?

Well, once the lockdown is lifted and people can move out of their homes, we shall resume normal classes on campus where you get to participate in fashion show, live shoots, exhibitions, competitions, and events!

Inifd Pune portrait of a serious businesswoman

To Summarize, INIFD Kothrud E-Interactive Has All of These Things In Store For You:

  • 1. Blended Program - Online Sessions Followed By Campus Life
  • 2. 2-Way Instructors Led Courses
  • 3. Online Courses For All Levels - First Year, Second Year, Third Year, PG, Etc.
  • 4. App-based Learning With A Customisable Study Plan, Individual Progress Tracking, Event Plans & College Calendar
  • 5. Instagram Live Sessions: Careers In Fashion & Interior Design
  • 6. Webinar For Understanding Design Industry
  • 7. Learn From Manish Malhotra Online Course
  • 8. Voice Of Fashion - Online Lectures By Industry Experts
  • 9. Certification From INIFD & LST (London School Of Trends)
  • 10. Online Foundation Batch For All First-Year Students
  • 11. Live Lectures From Industry Mentors
  • 12. Resuming Normal Extra-Curricular Activities On Campus After Lockdown!

It will be the full experience, without any compromise or delay! So what are you waiting for? Come be a part of the #OnlineDesignCollege with INIFD Kothrud E-Interactive.

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