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What is Fashion Designing?

What exactly is Fashion Design? And how vast is the fashion industry, especially in India? This blog explains multiple roles in fashion design and what kind of specialisation one can choose to build their career. Fashion design, Fashion Management, Fashion Technology, and Fashion Engineering have different courses and job roles and responsibilities also vary accordingly. Do not get confused with all these terms and consider all the courses as one. Read the article to get a good understanding of all.

Fashion design is the art of designing apparels and accessories that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This highly competitive profession has a broad scope both in India and abroad. The thriving fashion industry has catapulted the demand for trained fashion designers all over the world. Students have countless opportunities in front of them before and after finishing their specialised Fashion Design studies. So let’s deep dive into what fashion designing actually means? What education is needed to be a fashion designer? And what are the different aspects of fashion designing?

What is a fashion designing course?

INIFD Pune What is a fashion designing course?

The fashion industry is booming and providing opportunities for fashion graduates. Fashion design is a programme consisting of various specialisations such as Fashion Designing, Accessory Designing, Fashion Management, Textile Designing, Apparel Production and many more similar domains.

Fashion designers often have a bachelor's degree in fashion design. To gain hands-on experience, students enrol for internships with design and textile companies. The overall industrial exposure helps the fashion designers to create their portfolio. To enrol in the fashion design degree and diploma courses, you need the minimum eligibility of 10+2 exam or equivalent from a recognised board. After a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from a known university, students can pursue masters with any specialisation of their interest. There are certification courses available in fashion design after 10th grade.

Note- According to the new education policy, students can choose design courses along with physics and chemistry also (As an optional).

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What is the role of a fashion designer?

INIFD Pune What is the role of a fashion designer?

Nowadays people are very much particular about what they wear. It has created a high demand for fashion designers in the industry. Fashion designers are significant players in the design industry for the production of innovative designs. Fashion designers are primarily responsible for creating varieties of clothing and accessories using their creative and technical skills. Fashion designers must always stay informed of current trends and forecast future styles along with sketching and constructing original products. The roles and responsibilities of a fashion designer may include overseeing teams of designers or other team members to make various designs a reality and then marketing their designs in the market.

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What is fashion design management?

INIFD Pune What is fashion design management?

The Fashion Design Management specialisation applies economic and marketing principles to consumer and industry issues. The course focuses on the processes used to design, manufacture, and market apparel and textile products. The curriculum focuses on three main aspects of Product Development, Management and Marketing Communications. Fashion design management helps students explore the globalisation of the industry and the impact of developing technologies in the fashion industry.

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What is fashion design technology?

INIFD Pune What is fashion design technology?

Fashion design technology shares similarities with fashion design. Fashion technology primarily focuses on the study of fabric types and suitability, design and aesthetics but with more of a technical bent. Fashion technology deals with core garment manufacturing technology and is more involved in apparel production. Fashion technologists work on the development of products, improving production efficiency and quality, while also develop connections with those involved in the production process.

Some of the everyday tasks a fashion design technologist has to carry out are:

  • Experimenting with textiles to improve look, feel, and durability of the material.
  • Identifying the latest fabric trends, developments, and innovations. Also, overseeing the dyeing, printing, and finishing processes.
  • Sourcing fabrics and accessories.
  • Undertaking quality evaluations of materials and the final product.

What is fashion design engineering?

INIFD Pune What is fashion design engineering?

A fashion engineer applies engineering principles in designing and manufacturing of textiles. The engineering principles are also applied in fibre products, designing machinery, as well as tools and equipment used in the fashion & textile industry. Fashion engineers carry out regular research and analyse the changes in the lifestyle of individuals around the world to develop new trends in fashion designing. Fashion engineers are not restricted to a particular aspect of fashion and carry out multiple roles. They deal with diverse applications of science in design, the production and maintenance of textile products, the overall efficiency of the process. Thus the fashion engineering program is broadly classified in fashion, textile, garments as well as computers and management.

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At the bottom

Those with a passion for fashion and a flair for style can consider a long term career in fashion design. Students have innumerable choices of job opportunities in front of them after completing their fashion design courses. Understand different fields in the fashion design industry and choose the one according to your liking and capability. Do not confuse yourself, decide wisely.

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