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Wardrobe Revamp! Fashion Attire to Get Rid of Before 2020

Fashion is forever but trends are unfortunately fleeting. What your favorite fashion magazine was featuring a few months ago is now unfortunately out. However, this is also an opportunity to have a fun wardrobe revamp and stay with the times.

Here are 5 fashion trends that are dying out and should be left back in 2019, before 2020 is upon us.

Tiny Sunglasses

Inifd Pune Tiny sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses were a big throwback to the ’90s and made a fierce comeback.
Unfortunately, these are not practical nor do they protect your eyes from the sun which sunglasses should, shouldn’t they?

What’s In: Try switching them out for more practical and stylish wayfarers or cat-eye sunglasses.

Sock Boots

Inifd pune sock boots

Balenciaga’s iconic design made the sock shoe into a street style favourite. It was a sock that then morphs into a shoe. As confusing as this maybe it was soon seen by high-end streetwear fanatics but the population of the wearers is now decreasing.

What’s In: What’s in instead is the combat boot. Think of a low-heeled chunky boot such as Doctor Martens.

Zebra Print

Inifd Pune zebra print

Zebra was a big trend in 2019. Seen on skirts, blouses, and bags this trend was sported by most stars. But don’t throw those zebra printed clothes out just yet.

What’s In: Like the leopard print, the zebra too will make a come back soon just like it does every few years. These zebra printed investments of yours can make a comeback then. But for now, leopard print is your best animal print bet.

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Inifd pune ruffles

Ruffles are OUT. Ruffles were sported on mostly blouse sleeves as big chunky add ons or on the hems of the skirt. A big designer who sported ruffles was Giambattista Valli. But ruffled dresses and tops will be a no-go in 2019.

What’s In: What will be in instead of ruffles is svelte silk dresses, tops, and skirts. They will be figure-fitting, minimal and less gaudy than ruffles.


Inifd Pune loafers

The Gucci gold-tasselled loafers were spotted on the runway in 2018 and soon made it to high-fashion stores in 2019. They were sported with suits, jeans and trousers and became the ultimate statement wardrobe staple.

What’s In: However, it’s time to say adieu to them and make space for the strappy sandal. Brought back in style by brands like Reformation and Brandy Melville the strappy sandal with a short heel is a fresh wardrobe staple for everyone.

And that’s it! With the new year, your wardrobe is anyway due for a refresh and these outgoing fashion trends are the first step you should be starting your wardrobe clean up with.

Try substituting the old trends with the upcoming ones, stay ahead of the curve, and you’re all set for a new 2020 you!

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