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Luxury Brand Management Courses - only at INIFD Kothrud

Luxury, today is defined as an indulgence rather than a sumptuous or expensive necessity. Though the idea of what is luxurious is changing; in recent times, it has become more about the brand rather than a luxury

Though the internet is to be blamed for luxury not being what it used to be. As the rise of on-demand services and the shift in consumer values as the new generation has become more important buyers of high-end goods—all are challenging traditional notions of what luxury is.

As more people realize the meaning and the importance of the different luxuries of life, the luxury sector has continued to thrive be it in fashion or interior. As the global market is continually changing, one thing remains constant, and that's people's attraction towards luxury.

INIFD Kothrud Luxury brand management for fashion designing

It's common knowledge that the use of social media has revolutionized communication and through this type of degree, students learn how to balance corporate brand image while enabling the participants to create a network through media platforms.

Inifd Pune luxury brand management

Why Learn Luxury Brand Management?

Key values and Luxury Brand communication

  • There might be this question as to "why study luxury brand management?" To make it simple to understand, it enables you with the business and marketing skills needed in managing such brands along with the much-needed professionalism and soft managerial skills. And with the said knowledge one will definitely have the skills as well as the knowledge and the versatility needed to excel in the world of leisure, hospitality, and luxury.
  • In Luxury brand management, the main focus remains on creating unique and unforgettable experiences and to deliver exceptional personal services. Luxury is not only limited to cars and hotels, fashion brands but also includes spas, cruises, wine, food, and even palaces.
  • This program is usually offered as a specialization course, in some of the best institutes like INIFD Kothrud Pune. It is primarily about how to manage the perfect balance between business and creativity for luxury brands. To help you know and understand about how the purpose and the offer of the brand can fit in a broader cultural, sociological, and demographic landscape.
  • Students get to practice the method of recognizing social patterns and individual behaviours. They also get to uncover powerful insights about how to support companies in developing strong emotional connections and meaningful values via memorable and engaging experiences.

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INIFD Luxury brand management coure for fashion design


  • In today’s times, the leading-edge luxury brands are raising the bar in brand and business transformation. Especially now more than ever, an opportunity presents itself for this luxury industry to set transformational standards for its own businesses and beyond.
  • As the fashion and interior industry is growing at a faster pace there is a huge demand for luxury products. It is a specialized area of management where you are presented with the opportunity to work with big brands
  • Experts in luxury brand management know exactly where their products are positioned, fully understand their role in the market, and constantly analyse their relationships with customers, both locally and globally.
  • Adapt communication, marketing and promotional techniques to reach sales target and fully apply the key strategies of luxury businesses. As well as concentrating on the intangible elements: customer relationships, the impact of social media and the consumer ‘experience’, the course makes a critical analysis of the more tangible elements of branding; product attributes (quality, features, and design), and the difference between brand image and brand identity, packaging and labelling.
  • As a successful luxury brand manager, one will be responsible to work on all of the aspects. The fashion industry placement within the programme, giving students the opportunity to put theory into reflective and purposeful practice within the field.

That is why an education/specialization course will teach you how branding involves emotions, logic, art, and science altogether.

INIFD Kothrud, Pune offers you the best course in luxury brand management for both interior and fashion design students and it is tailored under a super specialisation program called “Plus Factor” to help you enhance your skills and convert your passion into a full-time profession.

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