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Let's Beautify: Ideas to Decorate the Living Room

The living room is the centre of anyone’s home. It is where the family gathers after a long day of work, where guests are hosted for dinner parties, where sleepovers for the children turn into movie bingeing sessions and more. It is the centre of the home and rightfully so, it deserves all the attention.

So needless to say the living room needs the right attention and one needs to follow the right methods of beautification for it.

Inifd Pune Ideas to Decorate the Living Room

Here are 5 ideas to modify your living room with ease:

1. Pick The Right Curtains

Inifd pune White curtains

We often don’t give curtains the credit they deserve. It is essentially one entire side of the living room that will be covered by curtains so picking the right fabric, colour, and print is an essential way to decide what your living room will look like.

White sheer curtains will give your living room a more aired out and earthy look while going for thick brown curtains with texture will lend a more luxurious feel to your space.

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2. Colourful Light Fixtures

Inifd Pune Funky Coloured Pendants Range

We often go for metallic or jewel tones when choosing light fixtures in the living room. But we often overlook the colourful end of these fixtures. Adding bold coloured light fixtures with colours such as blue or red add character to a room and is often unexpected.

Seeing colours in light fixtures makes for a refreshing change and immediately adds a point of interest to your room.

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3. Rounded Tables

Inifd Pune Round coffee table for Living room decor

Coffee tables of teapoys are often given centre stage in a living room but all the designs are generic and rectangular. Try changing up the centre table to a circle or a more rounded shape.

This will keep your guests from stubbing their toes on the hard edges and also add a different taste to an otherwise generic piece.

4. Low Height Furniture

Inifd Pune Low height furniture

Try keeping your sofa, master chairs, coffee tables, and teapoys at a low height. They give the hall a more “open-spaced” feeling and is a unique way to add an edge to space.

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Try adding just a mattress with an interesting cover and throw pillows in one corner as a lounging area. It gives the space a younger and more comfortable feel rather than it feeling done up and mature.

5. Statement Rug

Inifd pune Rug for living room

One thing we often tend to ignore in Indian households is how much a rug can change the look of a room. Adding a shaggy or knit rug to a living room can amp up the “cosy factor” by a mile.

And not all rugs are high maintenance. Try going for rugs that are dark in colour or have a dark print so that it can take all the stains and spills and footprints without it showing and spoiling.

And those were 5 practical tips that can be used to add a little pizzaz to the living room. They are small changes that can definitely add a bit of character and still make your living room stand out. Be sure to try them out!

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