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INIFD Kothrud is Spectacular!

INIFD Kothrud is among one of the finest institutes offering Fashion Designing Courses & Interior Design Courses in Pune. Here, spectacular is more than just another adjective at INIFD Kothrud. It is a lifestyle, it is a motto, it is an aim we aspire to achieve in all our designs.

Everything needs to be Spectacular. Which is why we at INIFD Kothrud have named our annual magazine exactly that. Let’s take a deeper look into the Spectacular Magazine.

Inifd Pune Spectacular

What Is Spectacular?

Spectacular is INIFD Kothrud’s annual fashion magazine that gives our students a chance to showcase their design skills.

How is it Conceptualised?

Inifd Pune Spectacular adult

Our fashion design students design clothes based on the theme decided for the year.

These clothes are designed for adults as well as kids. The clothes are conceptualized, sketched out, tailored, and created from start to finish by our students with mentoring from faculty members of INIFD Kothrud.

Apart from the clothes we also have sets where the photographs are shot. These sets are designed and executed by the interior design student team.

The set for each piece of garment is unique and made to fit the look of the designed garment. Making the set is a collaborative effort between fashion design and interior design students.

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Who Do We Collaborate With?

Now that the clothes are designed and the sets are made let us talk about the model and photographers.

All our clothes - be it for adults or for kids - are shot with professional models and shot by a professional photographer with a full-fledged setup which includes spot boys, makeup artists and hair experts. This helps students understand how it is like working in a real-world setup.

While our shoots may be long and exhausting, they are extremely rewarding as the final result is crisp and professional.

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The Final Release

Inifd pune Spectacular 2019

Every year we release 2 editions of the Spectacular magazine- the Spectacular Magazine and the Spectacular Magazine- Kids Edition. And both these magazines are available as a physical copy and as a digital copy at INIFD Kothrud.

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