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How You Can Better Utilise Your Time Spent at Home During the Lockdown

This pandemic has gotten to us by surprise; this much is true. Right from the beginning of the month, we’d heard stories of how this virus may have come about.

Thankfully, the lot of you who are in synchronisation with the #StayAtHome (Self) initiative & the #Lockdown (India’s) action, can utilise your time spent at home a whole lot better.

Here are some quick quirks & tips on how you can make the most of your time spent at home while the heroes are out saving the day(s) –

1) Get Enrolled in Soft-Skill Courses, English Learning Programmes & More.

Inifd Pune get enrolled in an online course

There are a lot of well-established online portals that offer a plethora of free courses across various genres, subjects & topics. Here, top-quality education is provided by several well-qualified & highly-distinguished faculty and teachers; and, the overall atmosphere-created through the online learning experience has appealed to a lot of eager learners & students over the years.

Some of the top-most resources in this segment would be Alison, Coursera, edX, Harvard and Khan Academy.

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2) Organise Your Work Desk/Station

Inifd Pune work desk or station

A lot of people have been, are and might continue from and through (work) areas & spaces that only haven’t been as stimulating as the act of organisation & optimality would otherwise provide.

While our planet is spending time healing & repairing itself on the outside, it is an excellent idea for you to take some inspiration from mother nature and implement your sense of clarity, cleanliness and organisation on the inside.

3) Get Rid of Everything That is No Longer Essential

Inifd Pune get rid of everything

This is a time to take hold of your life and to question yourself about your own life and how you could better fit in with the rest of the world outside in a healthier way.

To keep our heads on our shoulders and not get ahead of ourselves when it comes to dealing with the general feelings of anxiety, fear, paranoia & uncertainty on the outside, we should turn our focus towards strengthening ourselves from/on the inside. For this, realising & acting upon the things in your life that do not help you grow better is a crucial thing to do so we can all come out of this as stronger ourselves.


Inifd Pune Book Reading

Alright, perhaps like the majority of us, you too did not see or sense the magnitude of what was coming; and, weren’t able to hoard on your books in-time. Well, today, we live in a mostly-digital world; one that provides a large volume of information at any given time.

So, yes! If you do not have a collection of still un-read physical books lying around at home, you can find great utility & use in audiobooks, e-books, and, even video books. Some of our top recommended sources would be Amazon Kindle, Many Books, Open Library, Audible, Audiobooks, Scribd and YouTube.

5) Learn/Master Some New (& Old) Skills

Inifd Pune learn and master some new and old skills

What better way to #StayAtHome than to learn new abilities & skills that would only go towards helping you enrich your life & lifestyle in the future. This would not only get you thinking about the days-to-come in a more positive light but, would also go into helping you churn-out-the-juices while steadily driving & motivating you to shape your prized vision.

You can learn anything from how to cook individual healthier-for-you meals, wash your clothes, how to plan your routine better so you can make the best out of this situation. Although in truth, it doesn’t matter whether what you’re trying to learn would help you personally or professionally, it is crucial that you always keep-at-it as this is what’s essential in the promise of a better life, forever!

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To Conclude

Refrain from doing things that might have continued to hinder your growth towards becoming a better and more fulfilled person, and, be a little more strict with yourself when it comes to getting yourself on a track from/through which you are going to enjoy the ride!