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How to start fashion blogging?

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If you are a fashion student or a fashion enthusiast, it's an excellent step to start fashion blogging. To become a fashion blogger, there are a few aspects that you need to follow mandatorily to be successful, famous, and earn money. This blog consists of some essential tips which will help you get there. Create your presence over social media and increase your network to be in the fashion-blogging game.

Starting a fashion blog is an easy and straight process. But if you are looking to earn money out of your fashion blogging, it is a bit difficult to be successful. A fashion blogger has to be very active over the internet with ample patience. If you are passionate about fashion and style and if you are already working in the fashion domain then fashion blogging would be the best way to express your ideas, personal styles, tips and tricks to create an online presence. Above everything, fashion blogging could help you connect with many people from the industry, benefiting you in many ways. This guide will walk you through the process of how to start a fashion blog in India.

Get a domain name

INIFD Pune Get a domain name

So what do you need to start a fashion blog? When starting a fashion blog, having a fancy, catchy name is the first concern to check on. Keep the name very specific. Don't keep the name too long and tedious to recall. A short name could be memorable and will help your site be easily searchable. To quickly find out if a domain name is available, use suggestion tools like GoDaddy, Domainr or wordpress. To increase your online branding and to promote yourself, it is suggested even to use your own name as your blog domain name. After setting up the technicalities, follow a nice design theme for your blog.

Set up social media profiles

INIFD Kothrud Set up social media profiles

You have plenty of choices, but you need to choose the right platform to build your fashion blog. Instagram is the best platform to build your presence and gain followers and establish yourself as a fashion blogger. Segregate your content, each platform wise to give fashion blogging tips, so after you know how to start a fashion blog start marketing every blog on your social media. Set up your blog links on every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and, more importantly, Pinterest. Keep a similar name on all your social media handles just like your blog domain. It will help you create more visibility from the search engines and social media links to your blog page.

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Create top notch content

INIFD Pune Kothrud Create top notch content

Suppose you are a beginner and still learning how to start a fashion blog on a budget you need to have a decent content strategy. It will help you to create your presence on social media and organise your marketing campaigns as well. Define whom you are targeting, what kind of followers and audience you need. You need to research a little online and understand what kind of content works better. Don't just keep on creating blogs that don't add value to your audience at all; this will lead you to lose followers which is exactly opposite to your goal. You will be able to monetise your blogs effortlessly if you create amazing content which is fetching you more likes, shares, and links. Use the skyscraping technique as it will increase your social shares.

Collaborations and sponsorship

INIFD Pune Collaborations and sponsorship

Just like affiliate marketing of fashion brands you earn money when people buy your product, there are more ways you can earn money and increase the online presence of your blogs. Affiliate marketing is moreover a performance-based monetisation strategy. You will earn money only when your promotional efforts achieve final sales. With affiliate marketing, fashion bloggers also need to focus on collaborations and sponsorship. Either it can be a paid collaboration or something in barter. It totally depends on what kind of fashion brands or lifestyle products you are collaborating with. It's a win-win approach as bloggers earn money by reviewing the fashion products and the brands get good visibility, helping them to reach better sales.

Create an outreach list

Create an outreach list

If you want to promote yourself and blog posts, you need to actively connect and network with other bloggers. It will be difficult for you to establish your presence if you stay aloof without getting to know other bloggers. Most of the time, you draw inspirations and collaborate, if someone keeps you on the top of their list. Hone your relationships by reposting their content, attending live sessions on social media and frequently commenting on their posts. If you are creating a fashion blog from scratch, bloggers outreach is the key to get more exposure for your blog posts.

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At The Bottom

Make sure your audience will follow and admire you only if your content is attractive and relatable. Impress your audience with authentic content and posts and promote yourself rightly.

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