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How Colleges Encourage Learning During the Pandemic With Online Modules!

The wildfire of the pandemic was spread throughout the world. It was a devastating global event with a difficult outcome for many. People had to suffer both financially and emotionally due to the impact that Covid made. 

It would be natural that the students would be discouraged from learning with all the stress around them. Therefore any college that motivates its students to acquire knowledge and follow their dreams during this trying time deserves recognition.

INIFD Kothrud is a college that should be recognised for the efforts they have put in to encourage students, especially me, to learn about interior design through their online platform. While I wasn’t a fan of online learning, INIFD Kothrud’s method and the curriculum was enough to persuade me to start learning.

I was glad that I did, as eventually, I found out how much I wanted to learn. INIFD’s online learning platform is a gift that keeps on giving.

Here is how INIFD Kothrud’s online methodology is helpful to students:

  • Interactive Sessions: Our interactive sessions with teachers were important to help me learn about the curriculum. The 1-on-1 with teachers was essential in giving that classroom atmosphere. Imagine learning from a teacher but in the comfort of your home. That is what helps you relax and focus on education. 

The distraction and the stress of a classroom are all gone with online learning. Additionally, all my fears of it being a dull video only pedagogy were gone with the first session. I believe that colleges should pursue this form of teaching as it is excellent for students like me who want to get all of their questions answered.

  • Recorded Lectures: The recorded lectures provide a convenient module for students to learn. As the lectures can be accessed anytime, I was able to learn from them whenever I had the time or the opportunity to do so. Being able to do that motivated me to learn more. 

This also meant that repetition in case of doubt was possible for me to learn again and again whenever I could. I was able to take notes and revisit them along with the videos whenever I needed a revision. It also makes preparing for the exams comparatively easy.

  • Webinars from Experts: Apart from the teachers, industry experts would also train us through their seminars. The knowledge shared would give us an insight into the industry, the way it functions, and what we would be able to do once fully trained.

The experts allowed us to take a peek into what our future could be like. Imagine hearing from the leader of your field how you can be one of them in future. The motivation that came from it can never be understated.

  • App-based Learning Platform: Apart from the videos and interactive lectures, INIFD also provided an app-based platform to learn about the design. The app was very user-friendly and helped us acquire knowledge conveniently.

The ease of use meant that more of us could learn easily. It also meant that there was no frustration attached to using the platform and the information on it. I was glad to have all of the campus libraries available and easily accessible.

INIFD’s Role in Encouraging to Keep Pursuing Interior Design

The online module was the needed push and motivation to keep at my passion and learn interior designing. Because the pandemic could affect your mental health and motivation, it is critical to select the right college that will help you stay on track. Even the smallest of discouragement will affect you harshly.

INIFD Kothrud was there for me to stay encouraged and keep learning. Their efforts were not only through the online platform but also through the teachers who assured me of my passion, goals and my path to achieving them. 

The college, professors, and classmates are essential as their engagement will motivate you to learn more and take on more activities as part of your course. While you may lose out on using professional equipment in college due to the online nature, future internship possibilities will balance that out.

So, to every student out there who is still waiting on the right opportunity to pursue their dream, I would suggest going looking for it. The world may not always motivate you, but there will always be people who will help you.

Find the colleges that will give you the opportunity and the platform to reach your dream role as I did. I hope nothing but success for you and your future!