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Almost all colleges in Pune, India and the world organize a freshers’ party to extend a warm welcome to the newcomers to college. At INIFD Pune Kothrud, Freshers Party events are a celebration of new bonds, friendships, and creativity. Such events help boost the confidence of the new students and also infuse their college life with a creative beginning.

The event is planned to perfection by the seniors for the juniors in college and it brings together some great aspects of a perfect evening. This could include ramp walks, photo booths, dances – traditional, modern, or fusion, singing performances or competitions, and outstanding decorations. Overall, it surely is a night to remember for all the students, not just the freshers. However, since it is designed for freshers to break the ice and get to know their college crowd better, it’s a great opportunity to build networks and friendships in the initial stage.

INIFD Pune Kothrud Freshers Party Events

Since we’re a renowned fashion design and interior design institute in Pune, we take a lot of efforts in adding glamour and elegance to our events. Not to mention, every Freshers Party is a celebration of fashion – modern, young, trendy, and stylish! Our students wear their best outfits and walk the ramp with the utmost attitude and a great persona.

Charming Competitions

Healthy competitions add more joy and memories to the INIFD Pune Kothrud Freshers Party event. At INIFD, we take inspiration from our fashion design courses in Pune and design competitions like Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher, Best-dressed fresher, best style, and more. There are also many dances, singing, and modelling competitions for our freshers to truly celebrate their evening!

Perfect Pictures

Above all, we love all the pictures from the INIFD Pune Kothrud Freshers Party events because they are full of smiles, excitement, and a little nervous energy in a positive way. Our students are looking forward to a year of learning at the top fashion design and interior design institute in Pune. All the photographs are also a perfect memory for our students and faculty members.

Sumptuous Food and Drinks

Above all, the INIFD Pune Kothrud Freshers Party events have lots of delicious food and drinks for all our students to relish and enjoy. Nothing brings people together than amazing food and we therefore, make sure that our freshers party always has tempting treats!

Beginning the fashion designing courses in Pune and the interior design courses in Pune India is undoubtedly a great way to jumpstart your career. But before all the knowledge-imparting begins, it’s time to let your hair down and celebrate with your peers!

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