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Does INIFD, Kothrud, Pune offer a postgraduate course in interior designing?

Interior designers enhance the living and working spaces to increase their aesthetic appeal. But the main aim of interior designers is to maintain the functionality and usability of the space while making it more attractive to people. If you have a bachelor’s degree in interior designing, the most obvious course of action for you will be to study further and go for ( post-graduation in interior designing. A Master’s course in Interior Design teaches students about various aspects of space like scale, proportions, raw materials, colours, configuration and light sources and how they interact with the performance of a setting. Usually, students enrolled for a master’s course in interior designing specialise in certain areas of the field as they choose and can pursue their careers in commercial or housing sectors upon completing the course.

NIFD Kothrud PG Course in Interior Designing

First Year of PG Interior Designing

INIFD, Kothrud, Pune conducts a ( PG course in interior designing, which includes an extensive curriculum, intended to improve the students’ understanding of the field of interior designing. The first year’s curriculum includes the study of four subjects, i.e. Advanced Furniture Design, Textile for Interiors, Communication Technology for Interiors and Concept and Style Studio. In Advanced Furniture Design, students will learn about different furniture styles and get an opportunity to produce real mock-ups and furniture samples. The subject Textile for Interiors deals with the different types of fabrics used for interior decoration as well as the latest trends in choice of fabrics. Communication Technology for Interiors is a more applied subject and includes training the students to use technology for research, execution of work and presentations in the field of interior designing. The subject Concept and Style Studio deals with interior designing using different styles and concepts and prepares students to work on concept-based projects.

Second Year of PG Interior Designing

In the second year, the students delve deeper into the curriculum and deal with subjects like lighting for interior design, exhibition design, sustainable design, and visual merchandising and display. Lighting for interior design deals with light mechanics and quality. Besides, it also deals with the effects of lighting on physical and psychological aspects, and also the process of designing and light controls. In the subject Exhibition Design, students learn to design and execute an exhibition project such as a museum exhibit, visitor centres, trade shows, expos, and large retail stores. In Sustainable Design, students learn about sustainable design, including energy efficiency and reduction in environmental impact. The subject Visual Merchandising and Display teaches students about the effective layout of visual displays in stores, including window displays and complete inner store arrangement of merchandise to achieve maximum visibility.

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