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Designpreneur - Yes, you can be one too!

Designpreneur is one of the landmark events in the annual calendar at INIFD Kothrud. It is a week-long inspiring learning experience for INIFD Kothrud students. But what exactly is Designpreneur? Let us take a deeper look.

What Is Designpreneur?

INIFD Pune essential qualities to become a fashion Designer

The name is a witty cumulation of the word Designers and Entrepreneur- which means this is an event for aspiring design entrepreneurs. It is a week-long design convention for those who want to convert their passion for design into a full-fledged business. Be it owning an interior decor store, a fashion styling business, or a design consultancy.

Designpreneur gives every one of our design student- fashion or interior- to understand how they can start their own designing career and be their own boss.

How Does It Take Place

Inifd pune fashion designer with her brand

Designpreneur is a proper off-campus experience for our students. Getting outside the classroom and into a workshop hall or panel room puts our students in a refreshed state of mind.

Every year 2 versions of Designpreneur take place- one for fashion design and one for interior design. This is so that each specialization gets its unique learning experience.

And what’s more, this entire experience lasts for a week. Which means it is a week of immersive learning from renowned industry mentors. Which brings us to the next point.

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The Mentors

Inifd Pune designprenuer the mentor

The mentors who come visit INIFD Kothrud students are the best names in the business- be it interior or fashion.

These mentors specialize in interior design subjects like Ferro-cement, bamboo making, or residential space design and fashion design subjects like personal branding, textiles, and garment draping.

We’ve had names like Imam Siddique, Kawaljeet Singh, Mangesh Jadhav, and Bhakti Panchal join our esteemed panel of teachers for Designpreneur.

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What Do the Students Learn?

INIFD Pune Kitchen Designer

Here is a list of some of the topics that have been covered in the previous editions of Designpreneur

  • Personal Branding and Image
  • Garment Draping
  • Building a Fashion Business
  • Ferro-Cement Workshop
  • Bamboo Furniture Workshop
  • Interior Model Making
  • Building Your Own Design Consultancy

And more!

Learning at Designpreneur is not just learning for the sake of it. It is learning with practice and we at INIFD Kothrud make sure of that.

This entire event makes the student realise the power of Design and Entrepreneurship and assures students that they too can become a Designpreneur!

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