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Can Housewives Learn Interior Designing in their Free Time?

Inifd pune housewives learning interior designing

Housewives and mothers in India, have always been the ones who take on the most important tasks of making the house, a home.

Be it picking the perfect rug, collecting the right accessories, maintaining and decorating your house, it has always been the joy for housewives to keep our homes looking great.

They will know every little nook and corner in the house like the back of their hands and thus know exactly where to find the things you are looking for, and how to keep things organized.

No one knows storage space hacks better than the ladies of the house! They have always been the most important people in our lives who make sure and help us with every minute details of our day to day lives. Be it dressing their kids for parties, selecting office wear or even picking outfits for distant relatives as gifts, or what goes where in the house; she’s always been our first stylist ever!

Altering a space or repurposing fabrics in our home space, be it aesthetic of how things should look like or reusing old antique pieces, housewives know their way around spaces!

But, with all of this outstanding talent, why limit them in their own homes?

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It’s time for housewives, to combine their inner talent with a formal interior course and give wings to their professional career. Many times, housewives go with each other to select wall hangings, fabrics to help each other out. What these talented housewives do as a passion or as a favour to a friend, they can do it as a profession with the right training and sound technical knowledge.

Inifd Pune housewife interior designing

As the name suggests, homemakers, have a lot of potential for home styling, home decor and interior designing. A knowledgeable push in the right direction will help them launch their successful career which enables them to become financially independent and confident working women.

A dynamic study is what ‘designing’ can be defined as. You can surely mould your knowledge, talent and education you receive to your advantage. The interior design course does not bound you in one single direction or course of life.

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Interior designers become all rounded individuals who have the option to choose a lot of different career paths. You can become a work from home freelancer or stylist, become a teacher- inspire other people to take up design, start a furniture store, a 3D Design artist, a design or interior blogger, and so on.

But, most importantly, you can become your own boss; as when you know you are good at something why do it for free?

Build and grow your passion into a career, earn some money and design your own growth story!

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