Why Online Pre-Recorded Courses Are Not Useful?

The Pre-recorded online courses a.k.a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were supposed to change the education industry. They were supposed to be accessible, convenient, and easy to understand. But unfortunately, they have fallen flat. They entice neither students nor are teachers enthused to teach.

This period of a lockdown has had an accelerated rate of online learning. But with time, there has been proof that live online lectures are better received than pre-recorded ones.

So what exactly has gone wrong when it comes to pre-recorded online courses?

So what exactly has gone wrong when it comes to pre-recorded online courses?

The biggest and one of the most prominent reasons for this failure is the lack of student-teacher engagement. The foundation of learning is the engagement of a student with a teacher during the course and beyond. A classroom is a place of dialogue and discussion which pre-recorded courses cannot facilitate.

Also, learning is not just supposed to be an activity where you read from a textbook or watch a video. It is also an area to exchange thoughts and ideas, debate, inform, and critique.

Pre-recorded courses don’t let this happen. The relationship between the student and teacher comes to a standstill. Pre-recorded classes become a one-way talking platform. Many say that they are the internet version of a book- there is no interaction with the source of information.

Along with the lack of interaction, there is a chance that the course is not getting updated with new and improved developments- so the material can become stale. This lack of updated material leads to a lack of proper training within students.

Also, since pre-recorded courses have more or less the same instructors, new industry experts and mentors do not get involved with the students for extra guidance.

A 2018 study published in the academic publication “Training Journal” says that pre-recorded lectures are significantly less effective than live interactions when it comes to absorbing material.

Meanwhile, the alternative to pre-recorded courses while still staying online, are live instructor-led classroom courses, i.e. the teacher teaches the student in real-time over a conference video call. This method has proven to be increasingly effective during the period of quarantine. There are two main benefits to live classroom sessions:

First Advantage

First Advantage

As discussed before, it allows students to interact with their teachers. Live courses are just like being together but from home. Students can not only interact with teachers but with their classmates as well; this helps them resolve their doubts quickly and ask for clarifications too. Even teachers get to understand how relevant and useful that particular class is being by gauging the live student response.

Second Advantage

Live classes ensure that students stay accountable for their learning. It means they don’t miss classes, skip lessons and remain attentive; this provides better absorption of the material and a higher rate of engagement with the course itself.

Technology At The Forefront

Technology At The Forefront

With the advent of technology and improved Learning Management Softwares (LMS), live classroom sessions have become comfortable. Forward-thinking institutes, like INIFD Kothrud, haveLMS systems for coursework during the lockdown. Learning practical subjects like fashion design and interior design requires live consultations with teachers. INIFD Kothrud made sure to understand that, which is why they encourage live sessions and webinars.

Bottom line…

Pre-recorded courses are not the solution to online learning. They are static and non-engaging. Live instructor-led sessions are the much-welcomed alternative and should be promptly adopted by more institutions across the country for the sake of students and the purpose of better learning.


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