Who is Eligible for an interior design course and who should do it?

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Before choosing any program to build your career, understanding the eligibility and details are mandatory. This blog consists of all the details about Interior design course duration and its eligibility criteria. Candidates backed by the combination of creativity, innovation, technical skills, and vision are the best fit to build a promising long term career in Interior designing. But is that it? Let's find out.
Due to the evolving lifestyle and fast-paced urbanisation, hiring Interior designers have gained quite a lot of popularity; thus, Interior design becoming one of the most sought after professional career options in India these days. Due to the boom in property purchases, many people rely on Interior design professionals to create theme-based styles to achieve comfortable, happy living. Over the years, people have started relying on professionals specialised in Interior design rather than traditional construction designers or architects, and because of this, more and more institutions and students are turning up with this stream and taking a chance towards a great career. Let's understand below the roadmap to be an Interior design professional.

Getting Started

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Getting Started

The eligibility for Interior designing courses in India is 10 + 2 years of education. The interior design courses requirements to pursue the career in interior designing can be from any stream. To be a professional Interior designer, you need to possess the working knowledge of space planning, various textiles, colour schemes and keep updating your knowledge to build your expertise. Studying the placement of decor to design the space using Interior design tools involves the use of technical drawing. Gear up to possess all the skills required to be in this game.

Who Is It For?

Who Is It For?

Interior design is a fascinating career option as many people opt it based on creativity. If you think you have an artistic approach with a mix of imagination and innovation, Interior design is the right career option for you. If you believe you can use your creativity by combining the technical skills, if you have the vision to alter or modify the lifestyle of people by transforming their homes and office spaces, then this is it! You can consider this as eligibility criteria for interior decoration course .

For whome Interior Design course

Eligibility for Interior Design Courses After 12th Standard

Interior design can be pursued by students, irrespective of their stream in 11th and 12th standard, through certificate courses duration-wise in Interior designing provided by institutes all over the country.

Interior Design Courses Eligibility Criteria and Qualification Requirments

Interior Designing One Year
(Certification Course)
Candidate with 10+2 or 10+3 of any vocational course/polytechnic. 1 Year
Interior Designing Two Years
(Certification Course)
Candidate with 10+2 or 10+3 of any vocational course/polytechnic. 2 Years
Interior Designing Three Years
(Certification Course)
Candidate with 10+2 or 10+3 of any vocational course/polytechnic. 3 Years

The Interior Design course provides a comprehensive outlook of various subjects and assignments so that the students can build their knowledge base at the most advanced level. Students get a chance to develop expertise so that they can withstand the demand for innovation; As a whole, the course maintains a demand and supply mechanism in the industry by delivering the best as well as qualified professionals.

Note- Any student who has passed 10th can opt for interior designing. But to do a 3-year certificate, students will require 10+2 passing certificates.

The Role Of An
Interior Designer

Role of Interior Designer

The Role Of An Interior Designer

An Interior designer has to deliver a combination of activities while performing the role. Efficient planning, backed with much research is mandatory. With conceptual development, It creates a relaxed environment to best suit the client's requirement and expectations by dealing with enhanced communication skills. To plan the look and the function of the indoor spaces of the project, an Interior designer has to work hand in hand with the builders, architects and engineers involved in the project to bring out the best. The role of an Interior designer is to develop the knowledge constantly and to learn more to recreate designs to get expertise in this field. Every professional in this field can work on different fronts based on their area of interest as this industry is multi-faceted.

Diversified Future

Diversified Future

You can either be your own boss by starting your entrepreneurial journey or a full-time employee. Whatever you choose, Interior design work is always going to be fun as you never have to stick to desk work alone. You will get a combination of exposure and get the satisfaction of bringing positive changes to people's lives. Every project might involve some or the other challenge, and that is how you get to test your technical skills and creativity. Tackle your projects in the best way to meet client requirements.

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At The End

If you possess any of the skills or you feel over time while pursuing the course you can bring in the best of you to fit the role; Interior design course is for you. Identify your passion for choosing this career path by diving inside you to list down your skills and positive things to fit the role. Fuel your choice of career by social media trends and get influenced by the cosmopolitan culture to fit in. Have a clear vision about your career path with convincing reasons to make the right move towards your dream career.
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