Most Important Subjects to Become a Fashion Designer?

The modern education ecosystem in India is one, which is not only highly progressive but is also responsible for creating some of the biggest achievers in the world. With people looking out for more creative career options, fashion designing has turned out to be one of the topmost chosen careers after 12th.

With that being said we need to understand that in fashion designing the subject list varies. And once you enrol in a fashion designing school, one of the most popular choices is to study the intricacies involved in fashion designing.

Fashion Designer Subjects

Mentioned below is a list of the most important fashion designing subjects and their relevant details -

Foundation Program

As the name suggests, this subject involves an introduction to the elements of fashion design, on how various textiles are used in fashion designing and technique of getting right the colour.

You will learn how to cut, seam, stitch various different textiles and clothes to make a complete product. You get to learn about the different types of fabric involved in garment designing and understand how and why some things work together and others do not.

Fundamentals of Textile

This subject revolves around the different types of textiles, fabrics and what their properties are to allow them to choose the right fabric for their designs.

INIFDians will learn the different types of materials used and understand the practical processes involved, including information on fibre production, dyeing and finishing, as well as construction techniques such as weaving and knitting.

Pattern Making and Garment Construction

Pattern making and garment construction teach how to construct a garment for an adult as well as juvenile body measurements. You will undergo training which teaches the basics of pattern designing, how to interpret the designs and understand the design with technical ability. You will also have to learn sewing from machine to the finished garment.

Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD)

CAD is one of the most important subjects in fashion designing. The fact that advanced drawing and designing software and technology is a must to thrive in any competitive industry such as fashion designing makes this subject extremely important and relevant.

You will be learning about the basics of using CAD and technical design stipulations.

Art Portfolio and Design Concepts

This is undoubtedly the most important subject for any fashion designing student. It teaches you how to create a portfolio and exhibit all the skills and training you have received. It helps understand perceptive learning on how to design and put together a collection, as well as the presentation of the photographs.


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