What's trending in Accessories this season?

Accessories can make or break a look.

Accessories change the tone, feel, and appearance of an outfit vastly. Add a pearl necklace to your simple black dress and you are ready for a fancy dinner night. Ditch the pearls and add a pair of comfy sneakers to your dress, then your look goes immediately from night-to-day.

Which is why one needs to know what accessories are in vogue and which ones never need to see the light of day.

Let’s take a look at accessories that are in:

1. Pearl Jewellery

1. Pearl Jewellery

The introduction might have been a small hint but this is no surprise for anyone. Pearls and especially dainty pearl earring and hair clips are so in! They are a throwback to the ‘50s but add a touch of retro glam to all looks.

Wearing Tip: Make sure your pearl jewellery is dainty and understated rather than large and gaudy. It complements your look perfectly rather than grabbing all the attention.

2. Gold Coin Necklaces!

2. Gold Coin Necklaces!

Coin necklaces have sort of made a move out of Indian jeweller showrooms and into multiple fast fashion racks. These pendants are pieces that are thin and circular with a classic embossment that makes them look like coins.

They can jazz up a classic white tee or be added to a nude-coloured slip dress to make it fancier. Take your pick.

Wearing Tip: These gold coins do make a bit of a statement and attract a lot of eyeballs. Make sure to pair them up with a simple outfit and an understated neckline to keep things classy.

3. Silver Chains

3. Silver Chains

Silver chains have made a comeback but not as jewellery but as accessories for clothing. Most popularly, with jeans. Adding silver chains to the belt hooks of dark wash jeans ups an outfit and adds a bit of an interesting piece.

Wearing Tip: Add these chains to your jeans or outfit only if you desire to go for an edgy and grungier look. They look best with black or dark grey coloured outfits.

4. Basket Bags

4. Basket Bags

Basket bags which essentially look like they’re made of straw were made popular by brands like Prada.

They come in various shapes and sizes and essentially are hard bags which generally do not have partitions in them and are not very practical for daily use. However, they are a statement piece.

Wearing Tip: Pair your basket bag with a gingham dress or plaid dress/ skirt to complete the “bohemian” outfit look.

And that’s it! Here are 4 accessories that are making a statement on the runway, on the streets and in high fashion stores.

Always remember that your accessories should complement your outfit and not take away from it. Don’t overdo them in a look and make sure you invest in only statement pieces in order to not break the bank.


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