What subjects are taught for interior designing in 2024 ?

Interior design is the creative field through which you get an opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity on a completely blank canvas, with the pride of creating someone’s home.

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"An interior is the natural projection of the soul."- Coco Chanel

It also requires certain technical aspects to be considered ‘complete’. It is a truly versatile field that allows you to be creative, social, as well as technical. And the field of interior designing is constantly evolving with technological advancements in design.

Furthermore, interior design also enables you to gain practical exposure and see the dream canvas you painted, turn into reality through someone’s home. Discussions with clients regarding material selections and practical applications of innovative designs help you understand the implementation of your creative ideas better.

So how does one get started on their path to becoming an interior designer? Via this blog, we answer questions like what to study to become an interior designer? How to become an interior designer after 10th and 12th standard? the updated syllabus for an interior designing course ?

How to become an interior designer after 12th Standard?

Due to the versatility of the field, you can choose any stream after 10th standard to pursue interior design (according to the new education policy, you can study ID with PCM also).

How to become an interior designer after 12th Standard?

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How to become an interior designer after 12th Standard?

To become an interior designer after 12th standard, you need to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree or Certification course in interior design. The Interior Design Certification course at INIFD Kothrud Pune has a unique and flexible curriculum, providing a 1-year certification course, 2-year advance certification course, & a 3-year specialisation certification options.

What are the subjects covered in year 1, 2, and 3 of this course?

Year 1

Year 1

The first year of Interior Design has a thoughtfully drafted curriculum for students that have no formal education in the field of interior design. The subjects enable them to stay in tune with the latest trend and technologies and learn the very basics of the industry. Interior design subjects covered are given below:

1. Fundamentals of Design

2. Graphic Communication and Visual Presentation

3. Design Sources and Materials

4. Residential Space Design

5. Interior Construction and Detailing

6. Computer-aided Design (CAD) - AutoCAD

7. Art and Architecture History- 1

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Year 2

Interior Designing Infographic

Year 2

Year 2 introduces the students to a higher level of craftsmanship and detailing aptly after their strong foundation of Year 1. Subjects covered are given below:

1. Studio for the workspace (office)

2. Studio for Retail and Store

3. Interior Service System

4. Furniture Design

5. Visual Merchandising and Display


7. Art and Architecture History - 2

Year 3

Year 3

Year-3 comprises all advance subjects. Subjects covered are given below:

1. Professional Practice

2. Estimating and Budgeting

3. Studio for Restaurants and Café

4. Landscape Design

5. Transformable Systems and Spaces

6. Luxury Bath and Kitchen


8. Portfolio Development and Presentation

9. Application of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui

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At The End

So, with a plethora of colleges to choose from, and no restrictions to enter the illustrious and ever-expanding field of fashion design; when are you starting to design your growth story.

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