Why Opt For Fashion Designing As A Career?

Certifications courses in fashion designing are short-term courses, designed to give you hands-on training in the most important concepts and subjects in fashion designing. Most diplomas have a one-year curriculum that deals with subjects like fashion designing, pattern making and garment construction, textile science, fashion merchandising, fashion illustration, computer-aided design, fashion marketing, etc. But as the study period is brief, diploma courses focus mainly on acquainting the students to fashion designing and not on in-depth training in any particular area. As a rule, diploma courses are less intensive, but more professionally inclined than degree courses, which are designed to impart thorough knowledge to students.

Nonetheless, if you are a INIFD certificate holder, there are several avenues of fashion industries open for you for potential employment. In this article, let us take a look at some of the job opportunities in fashion designing after doing a diploma course. Your choice of a job will depend upon your interests and skills. Here are some of the options for you.

Assistant Fashion Designer

You can assist renowned fashion designers or work with famous fashion houses to gain some practical experience. For this, you need to keep up-to-date with the emerging trends in fashion as well as general trends in fabric selection, colours, and shapes. You can also try new and offbeat ways of selling your fashion products such as flea markets, exhibitions, fashion festivals and through boutiques.

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustrators prepare the primary sketches of what the fashion designer has in mind. An illustrator is very essential to busy fashion designers, who cannot spare the time to sketch and process their own ideas. This kind of job will give you valuable insight into the creative side of fashion designing.

Retail Merchandiser

A merchandiser ensures when and where the products should appear and their appropriate quantities, either for a particular store or a website. Merchandisers work closely with buyers to forecast trends, plan stock levels and monitor performance. Merchandisers are concerned with the financial side of buying product lines.

Visual Merchandiser

As a visual merchandiser, you will be involved in developing and communicating visual concepts to promote brands, products or services in stores, catalogues or on websites. Visual merchandisers collaborate with different departments to create visual strategies and promotional events to garner and maintain the interest of target markets.


Good communication skills are required of a stylist, who works with a variety of people or organisations to produce visually appealing displays, photo-shoots or outfit ranges. Stylists can work in the following areas:

  • Personal styling
  • E-commerce
  • Photography
  • Product styling
  • Social media

Apart from these jobs, you can also use your degree in the following fields.

  • Print/online journalism
  • Event manager
  • Public relations
  • Clothing/textile technologist
  • Jewellery design
  • Make-up artist

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