The Resemblance of New Age Fashion Trends with the Vintage Dressing Styles - Back And How!

With vintage music, books, and movies rising in the style today, the various fashion trends of the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. are in trend too. The historic era of clothing is booming again, thanks to the glory and impact it created. It is obvious that generations learn from the past, be it any walk of life. In a similar trend, fashion style is inherited from its flourishing years.

The advancement of the new age of fashion is in a blend with the vintage sense. Every passing year brings in an element of the timeless fashion era with it. We can witness the presence of the shiny and pop-years of the 70s, the glittery fashion of the 60s, and the discotheque theme in the new lining of fashion apparel.

The fashion industry is moving in the direction of sustainability. Mixing the different eras of fashion to create a mixture of vintage-modern shopping experiences. Marking several new outfit designs, here are some of the new-age fashion trends that bear a resemblance to vintage styles.

Victorian from the Queen’s Wardrobe!

The puffy sleeves that were in fashion in the ending years of the 19th century are back in the closet. The modern-age puffy attires are more modern in style and look extra elegant. Elaborate collars and bell sleeves are the modern rendition of the victorian styles.

The silk from the ladies of the 50s

Back in the good old 50s, clothing made of silk, especially silk scarves were very popular. Today, in the light of merry modification, silk scarves are converted into tops and hair accessories. Blending the shiny and blingy trend of the 50s with that of today, silk has found a new room in the wardrobe.

70s era of new trends

With the arrival of the 70s, there came a rising wave of new fashion trends. The flared jeans, which rocked the 70s and became a common sighting are back in style. With a pinch of fashion modification of the 21st century, pants with a flare in the bottom are rocking again as they did in the past.

The use of Corduroy in today’s clothes are back and how. In the 70s, it was a staple material for children but today it is commonly being used in bags, hats, pants, jackets, etc.

The Rocking Fashion from 80s and 90s

With fashion becoming a way of living, new trends emerged in the 80s and 90s. The 80s saw the rising of rock stars in every corner of the planet wearing denim jeans. Ripped and baggy, these denim jeans became the diamonds of the fashion era of the decade.

Chunky sneakers designed by global brands like Gucci and Balenciaga were the babies of the 80s. The high-rising sole with bright colours made them the talk of the town.

A comfortable hands-free accessory, bum bags from the 80s, are back in trend. With a modern change in their design, the ever convenient bum bags are commonly used by fashion divas.

Today, Kim Kardashian West has been rocking biker shorts, thanks to the trend of the 90s. Best-suited with oversized sweaters, the biker shorts have been in and out of fashion in the early 2000s but are back in the game.

High-waisted, loose, and tapered at the ankle, mom jeans of the 90s are back in town. With a blend of the fashion sense of the 21st century, these babies from the 90s are a new addition to many millennials’ wardrobes.

Yesteryear’s Fashion Can Be Tomorrow‘s Trend!

As today we witness that the fashion from the 50s to the 90s is coming back in a new style, we can expect that what we think is out of fashion will become a trend in the near future. Vintage styles are often adopted by young people as they are always finding ways to stand out from the crowd! You would also like season wise What's In For Spring, Summer & Winter current fashion design trends


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