The Need For Sustainable Fashion and the Role of Fashion Institutes
in Promoting IT!

Covid has changed the way we view everything. Whether it is a simple task like purchasing groceries or a life-altering decision like shifting to a new place, everything needs a second look. Fashion is also on that train. While Covid may have hampered the production of Fashion, it should not stop us from improving it.

Experts in the industry believe that adopting sustainable fashion is the right way forward. We at INIFD Kothrud teach sustainability in our Fashion Design Course. Students are familiarised with the contemporary methods adopted by the industry by our academia. This sustainable way of fashion can be incorporated in their buy pattern by people regularly.

As people recover from the effects of the pandemic, they will need to rethink their economic situation and alter their lifestyles. Apart from financial, there are many environmental advantages to sustainability. While economical savings might sound like the right choice, many are still hesitant to contribute to environmental factors.

There are many reasons to work on environmental sustainability, but the most important reason is that the current resource deficit observed during the pandemic should be on everyone’s radar.

The food and water shortages created weren’t just a result of reduced human involvement but also a concern of resource management. So, sustainable fashion is the right step as it will help people save their wallets and the world.

Here are some of the steps you can take towards sustainable fashion:

Always Choose Qyality Wear

You may have heard from your parents or friends that purchasing a high-quality item that will last a long time is the best option. This type of conventional wisdom is more important now than ever. When you buy long-lasting clothing, you decrease the manufacturing and eventual waste of major companies. This, in turn, decreases your carbon and water impact and allows you to invest that money.

Buy From Sustainable Brands

Understanding what brands are doing to promote sustainability is critical. Choosing environmentally and economically conscious brands sends a stronger statement than any other kind of feedback. Allow your money to speak for you and push the companies on the sustainable.

Adopt Renting

There is absolutely no reason to buy expensive attire that you may only wear once. You could instead be better off renting and choose the economically better sound deal. This habit is catching on for many middle-class families as spending an exorbitant amount on a single piece of clothing makes no sense.

Invest in Sustainable Materials

It is critical to comprehend the cloth material in terms of fashion trends and long-term viability. Certain synthetic materials, such as polyester, are responsible for pollution and an increase in the carbon footprint. Understanding those materials and selecting a better replacement is the best approach to prevent further degradation. It also will help with the usability of the material thus not taking much out of your wallet.

Learn More About Microplastic Management

Microplastic is something that most of us aren’t aware of. They are the tiny synthetic particles that clothes shed when washed. You might think that the small quantity won’t make a difference but imagine the number of people in your city. Then multiply that with a couple of pairs of clothes, and the final amount will be staggering. The microplastics emitted by synthetic clothing are just as dangerous as the garments themselves. As a result, it is recommended that such garments be washed less frequently or maybe products that may trap microplastics be used.

Donate When You Can

Donating clothes is the most sensible thing one can do, especially after Covid. Many have lost their livelihood and cannot afford the basic necessity of clothing themselves. You can donate to those in need with the help of NGOs and other collectives that can arrange the distribution. You don’t have to be donating expensive or designer clothes. Even the most basic, well-kept items go a long way for people.

INIFD Kothrud is already promoting sustainable fashion through our Fashion Design curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Sensitivity to such contemporary issues is well-received by the students of the new generation. These students will go out in the world and make it a better place in their own way.

We also believe in providing an equal chance. Therefore, no such thing as the INIFD Pune entrance exam exists. You can enroll with INIFD Kothrud to learn about sustainability from one of the best design institutes in the nation. Choose the modern sustainable way with INIFD Kothrud!


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