SUSTAINABILITY is the future of Fashion! Read INIFD Kothrud's guide to achieve it!

Environmentalism isn’t just activism at this point. For many people, it has grown large enough to become a way of life. And it needs to be so for all as the climate change situation in the world is grim and requires immediate action.

The fashion industry unknowingly has been a part of the problem for a long time. While people like us might not be able to see how it damages the environment, there are new research papers and articles that highlight it. So, it is not just the duty of the companies to evaluate their practices but also for us, as consumers, as well.

How the Fashion Industry and the Buyers can be a part of the solution!

There are some essential steps that we will discuss today that can be taken to ensure minimal negative impact on the environment from the Fashion industry. This action not just provides a moral advantage but some aesthetic and design advantages as well.

So, it is a win-win situation for all. Here are the steps that you should refer to before making that purchase!

Choose the right Brand

Understanding what the brands are doing regarding sustainability is important. Choosing environmentally sensitive brands sends out the message louder than any form of activism. Let your money speak for you and choose the sustainable way.

Quality over Quantity

You might have heard from your parents or friends that choosing a good quality item that lasts long is the right way. That form of traditional advice applies to sustainable fashion as well. When you choose long-lasting clothes, it reduces the production and the eventual wastage from large brands. This in turn reduces carbon and water footprint.

Rent when Possible

This one should be a no-brainer. Why buy an expensive attire that you will wear only once. And yes, you will only wear it once. Instead, you could be better off renting it and choosing the environmentally and economically better way from the deal. So, if you are looking to wear a dress of any form of attire only for a function, then the right choice would be to rent it.

Sustainable Materials

Understanding the material is essential not only in the sense of fashion and trends but also when it comes to sustainability. Synthetic materials or chemically produced materials are responsible for fossil fuel burning and an increase in the carbon footprint. The best way to address this problem is to understand the fabrics and choose a naturally produced alternative.

Water Footprint Management

This might sound odd but it is as essential as the points mentioned above. Certain textile processing techniques create a waste of approximately 93 billion cubic meters of water every year. Removing your share of wastage will help create a dent that will have an impact eventually. So choose clothes and materials that have been produced using eco-friendly processes.

Care More, Buy Less

Adding to the previous point of buying less, there are more steps besides purchasing the right products that you could take. Taking good care of your clothes will help reduce the wastage of clothes and the environmental footprint of the clothes.

Understand Microplastic Management

There is another factor that requires attention. Even though it is good to reduce use of synthetics, some of us might not be able to avoid it. The microplastic that those synthetic clothes releases are as harmful as the clothes themselves. So, it is advised to refrain from using it as much as possible.

Donate, Don’t Dump

This requires far more PR than it receives. Donating your clothes is the right way to pass things forward. Look for any organisation that can arrange proper distribution of your clothes to the needy. Even if you aren’t Eco-minded, this is the most ethical thing you can do with your clothes. So, if nothing else, amplify this point!

It is more than activism, it is a lifestyle!

These steps shouldn’t be treated as a mere guide when purchasing fashion but as a tool that will be a part of your buying routine. It is essential for every one of us to not just be Fashion Forward but also be Environmentally Woke.

Educating students who soon will be a part of the industry can also help with changing the practices. INIFD Kothrud is one such institute that promotes environmental thinking among its design graduates.

Ingraining sustainable fashion at such an early stage creates an impact in the future. INIFD graduates, with this knowledge, will go on to create landmarks with Eco-Friendly Fashion and become future industry leaders.

Learning sustainability is the right choice for every Fashion minded person. And if you are looking for education into Sustainable Fashion from the best Design institute, look no further than INIFD Kothrud!


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