Special Fast-Track Design Courses at INIFD Kothrud

It is a fast world. Be it our job, our family, or our business- everything seeks our full attention at all times. And because of these responsibilities, we do not have the time to take a step back and pursue our dream job or receive the qualifications that we would ideally like.

We at INIFD Kothrud understand this unique conundrum, which is why we are glad to announce our exclusive Fast-Track Designing Courses. With Fast-Track you can get your ideal qualification but do it in less than half the time.


With Fast-Track, courses go on only for 18 weeks i.e ~5 months. But instead of 2 hours per day classes go on for 3-4 hours. Thus, when compared to a traditional course, there is no loss in syllabus that is learnt.

While this may seem strenuous at first, the classes are adequately spaced to provide a design qualification with utmost efficiency. Click here to read more about fashion designing courses in Pune or interior design courses in Pune


The examination process during Fast-Track courses is simple and streamlined.

After 5 months of learning, the students receive a month-long study break to revise their full syllabus. Post this break they are subject to a final exam. If they pass the exam, they are officially qualified and can approach the design industry for jobs and internships.


The first immediate benefit of Fast-Track courses is the amount of time a student will save. The course goes on for 5 months which means that they effectively save 7 months from a year.

An additional benefit is that the travelling and accommodation costs for a 7 month period are also saved due to the reduced course tenure.

To summarize, Fast-Track courses give great impetus to those who are currently stuck in a field that they are dissatisfied with or are looking to upgrade their professional skills. They are also cost and time-efficient. The courses are especially apt for working professionals, business owners or housewives.

If you have the passion it takes to be a leading designer, Fast-Track by INIFD Kothrud is the right solution.


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