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The impact of Covid-19 was felt in all of the sectors. However, 2021 has started on a positive note for every industry. As the economy is slowly recovering, every industry is innovating new ways of embracing the ‘NEW Normal’.

The Design Industry is one of the most inspiring industries. It hosts many types of talents and gives opportunities to many aspiring young professionals.

It might be a challenge for beginners, but a little help can help you overcome the same. Adapting to the latest means of business, modifications in the basics, and maybe a technical angle to the core will shape the course of the design industry in the coming years.

The design industry in India was worth over Rs. 18 thousand crores in 2020. That number is expected to increase in 2021, according to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The need for designers will be rising as well, given the increase in the number of buyers.

Courses Built To Impart Practical and Professional Skills

The fashion and interior design courses at INIFD Kothrud are based on practical learning. While theoretical subjects like Design Material, Construction, Costume Appreciation and Elements of Fashion Design are essential, more practical courses occupy a majority of the curriculum. Everything from Fashion Sketching to Patternmaking or Design Fundamentals to Design Studio is to is taught during the enrolled program.

Thus INIFD Kothrud makes sure that once a student completes his/her course, they are familiar with all the skills they need from start to finish to become a professional designer.

World of Opportunities available online!

The pandemic has forced millions to explore the web for potential opportunities. It has led to a healthy influx of the populace on the web, opening the gates for the immense scope of the online forum. Designers have now turned their attention to web platforms for business.

The freelancing industry has grown exponentially since the arrival of the pandemic. Especially for graphic designers, this shift to the online marketplace has been a boon. They have taken their products and services online to reach customers during the lockdown. Other designing sectors are soon expected to follow suit owing to the uncertainty of the current working environment.

From learning the structure behind selling to mastering the art of writing, some of the jobs one can hunt for are:
Content Writers for Designing Industry
SEO Specialists for a Design Firm
Digital Marketing Directors
3D Garment Designers
3D Pattern Makers

There are certain institutes that have adapted well to the challenges of the new world. They have implemented techniques that will deliver the best learning experience to design aspirants. One of those institutes is INIFD Kothrud!

How INIFD Adapted To This Challenge?

INIFD Kothrud has implemented various practices in its teaching module to deliver a smooth learning experience for design enthusiasts. Venturing into online classes, INIFD Kothrud is constantly upgrading its methods and curriculum, making the course more relevant.

Other than this, the institute also unearthed online markets with the potential to reach millions of dedicated design followers around the world. In addition to adapting to new changes, various ideas and experiences of the experts were also taken into consideration through interactive webinars for students. Their blend of online and offline teaching methods help students in gaining in-depth knowledge about designing.

INIFD Kothrud's effort goes beyond delivering the perfect academic experience. As one of the finest design institutes in Pune, it carved out various important job opportunities for upcoming designers.

Secure Your Future with INIFD Kothrud

INIFD Kothrud is constantly working to offer a perfect learning experience during the lockdown. They provide lifetime placement assistance to the graduates of INIFD Kothrud. Their placement cell ensures that you can find the right career opportunity in whatever path you choose.

Their strong connection with the industry ensures that students of INIFD Kothrud are always at the forefront of life-shaping opportunities. Students can find placements with companies and industry leaders like Marks & Spencer, Fabindia, Asian Paints, Peter England, Allen Solly, TH CK, Bombay Dyeing and many more.

INIFD Kothrud has successfully assisted in paving the right career path for hundreds of students. Their flexibility in providing full-time as well as freelance opportunities is one of many reasons why you should choose INIFD to start your design career. Additionally, the INIFD Kothrud Placement Cell provides complete training on technical and soft skills.

As one of the finest fashion and interior designing colleges in Pune, INIFD has immensely brought in new-age innovation and learning techniques. As the new paradigm of working has shifted to the world wide web, INIFD strives to provide its students with a variety of opportunities in their field of learning.
With INIFD Kothrud, you can witness the growth of the design industry and contribute your passion too. Begin your dream career with INIFD Kothrud today!


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