Let's Beautify: Ideas to Decorate the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is probably one of the rooms in the home that brings in the most comfort. It is meant to be luxurious yet warm and subtle. Larger than life yet costly.It is where one rests after a long day of work, and relaxes on the weekend. It is an essential part of one’s life.

Here are five practical ways you can decorate the master bedroom to make it the perfect fit for your home.

1. A Personal Art Piece

1. A Personal Art Piece

Add a personal piece of art to your master bedroom. It can be a portrait of your family, photographs of your loved ones, or even a painting you have made.

It adds a personal touch to your bedroom and gives it character. Also, it is helpful to come back to something personal residing in your living space every day. Placing it above and at the centre of the wall behind your king-size bed makes the room look classy.

2. Interesting Curtain Styles or Blinds

2. Interesting Curtain Styles or Blinds

Always layer curtain in your bedroom. For comfort and looks. Add a sheer curtain at the back and then a thicker blackout curtain on the front. Tie the blackouts to the side and pull the sheers to cover the window. Or add rolled up blinds to make the window feel more open.

Use this dual-layered look to make your windows more exciting and add richness to the room.

Of course, dual curtains means dual-use depending on the type of mood you want to set in the room.

3. Add A Bed Bench

3. Add A Bed Bench

If your room has some extra space at the foot of the bed, then a bed bench is a fantastic accessory to add.

It is essentially a boxy bench that has a cushion on the top where you can sit and storage underneath in some models.

A bed bench is a useful accessory and a charming accent to a bed. Go for a more slim and streamlined model if you think that the boxy versions occupy too much space.

4. A Statement Mirror

4. A Statement Mirror

The right mirror in a room makes the room look more spacious, more lightened up, and is a timeless accent piece.

Mirrors are a great way to style empty walls in the bedroom without making them look too overpowering. So, opt for a mirror the next time you cannot think of anything else to put up on a plain wall.

Make sure to style your mirror in a way that complements your room. It can have rustic wooden edges of a sleek silver frame or a geometric cut. The possibilities are endless.

5. A Reading Nook

5. A Reading Nook

If you have enough space, a built-in reading nook in the master bedroom will earn you some major bonus points when it comes to the relaxed look factor.

All you need is a big comfy chair, and a footrest to give your space added intrigue and make it feel more personalized.

Also, put in some throw pillows to jazz it up a little bit.

And that’s it. Those were 5 ideas you can incorporate into your master bedroom to make it feel more welcoming and pleasing on the eyes. They’re simple, can be applied to almost any bedroom, but can also be tweaked to make the style unique to your own home.


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