INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive is Redefining Online Learning!

In these trying times at home, we need to remain productive and stay curious. These traits not only help us stay motivated but also evolve our skills and knowledge. Needless to say, during quarantine, one of the main channels of learning is the internet; and the community at INIFD Pune Kothrud is making the most of it.

The institution has been proactive in switching to the digital mode of learning through its new initiative called INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive.

In INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive, classrooms are being replaced by 2-way live online interactions through a unique online Learning Management System (LMS). And thus, the engagement of students with teachers has become higher than ever before. This LMS system is also universalizing access to design education as it can be operated on laptop and mobile device both.

Some Highlights

INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive, has been delivering lessons to students all over India and across all levels - 1st Year, 2nd Year, 2rd Year, PG, etc. Over 120 online sessions (generating 10,000 + learning hours) have been conducted in less than 4 weeks.

The institute has also access to app-based learning with a customisable study plan, individual progress tracking, event plans & the college calendar.

INIFD Pune Kothrud Students also have a chance to pursue an online course with the London School of Trends.

INIFD Kothrud e-Interactive gives students an opportunity to pursue their studies right away with its Blended Program. It is when the online sessions will be followed by normal campus life and extracurricular activities once lockdown ends.

“We were really worried about our lectures and curriculum as the Corona lockdown paused our movements, but I must say that the institution continued our classes via an online system. So far, this has been a great experience and I am really happy because even when I am at home, I am not missing anything with my online Interior design courses.”, says Sweta Rani an Interior Design student INIFD Kothrud

Much More Than Just Your Course!

Much More Than Just Your Course!

Along with that, these online lessons are not just being conducted by the in-house teachers of INIFD Kothrud. Various industry experts, mentors, guides, and professionals like Manish Malhotra and Ashley Rebello have been reeled in by the institute to give their students guest lectures, mentoring, and motivation during these challenging times.

So far, not just essential fashion and interior design topics are being covered but also Instagram lives and webinars on subjects like personality development, soft skills, entrepreneurship, business etiquette, and personal branding are happening.

And the digitization is not just limited to its existing students. INIFD Pune Kothrud has also started its Online Foundation Courses in April for the new students from the 2020 admission intake. While the new incoming crop of students across the world fears as to where their college life will lead to, INIFD Kothrud is proactively giving these students a headstart in their design career.

It is safe to say that the new interior and fashion design students of INIFD Pune Kothrud will have a lot to gain from the new online Foundation Courses.

Along with all of this, INIFD Pune Kothrud e-Interactive has also initiated a unique online program called Chai Pe Charcha. It is an open online forum where students and staff get to know each other, ask each other questions, share their quarantine stories and more. It makes sure that the people from the community bond outside of online lectures and stay in touch.

To conclude…

INIFD Kothrud has seen quarantine and online learning, not as a challenge but as an opportunity. An opportunity to improve, adapt and grow. The institute has taken lockdown in stride and is still trying to push the boundaries of learning- just as it did when everyone was on campus.

It goes without mentioning that the teachers and staff hope to see all the students in-person very soon. But until then, they wish for the best and hope that everyone is You Can Apply for Online Fashion Design Course or Online Interior Design Course. You may also like our blog: How to Learn Interior Design at Home.


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