How to Layer Neck Jewellery for Best Look in 2024

Accessories, accessories and more accessories. Layering heavy, chunky or chained jewellery on top of an outfit has been the way to go. Here we will talk about how you can layer neck pieces in a stylish manner to make your outfit look flawless and well put-together.

Body Chains

Body Chains

Body chains are a fairly new piece of jewellery in the western world but have been used in south-east Asian traditional jewellery since the early civilizations.

Contemporary body chains are long, thin and dainty. They are generally just silver or gold chains shaped in a “V” and go with minimal pendants or no pendants at all.

Pair It With: V necks. Pair your body chain with a v neck top or dress for full effect and show it off.

Layering Minimal Chokers

Layering Minimal Chokers

Chokers made a huge comeback a few years ago as a nod to the ’90s. Now a new version of the chokers is going viral where they are offered a more minimal and simpler look.

These chokers are mostly popular in jewel tones such as gold or rose gold. Layer one solid choker with a loose and more flexible chain to create a contrasting look.

Pair It With: The perfect little black dress and heels for an edgy night-out look.

Mix Up The Length

Mix Up The Length

The key to layering is keeping the various necklaces coherent yet unique. The layering should not look repetitive but they should also have their own unique space.

Make sure to mix up the lengths of the neck-pieces you wear. Keep the shortest one at around 14 inches and pair it up with long chains or long necklaces that average around 32 inches.

Pair It With: A fluffy knit sweater or a cardigan in colours like white or beige to make a comfortable outfit look classy.

Combine Old Fashion With Modern Necklaces

Combine Old Fashion With Modern Necklaces

Old fashion pieces include pearls, enamel jewels, and gold pendants. While these are not the most modern pieces of jewellery, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be used with modern-day outfits. All it needs is a little bit of tweaking.

Pair old fashioned jewellery with modern pieces to create the ultimate juxtaposition. Just make sure all the pieces belong to the same metallic family i.e. all are gold or all are silver.

Pair It With: A simple jeans and tee. Such pieces are made to be the centre of attention so make sure that your outfit is not over the top. Keep it simple and let the jewellery speak for itself.

Personalize Your Necklaces

Personalize Your Necklaces

Your layers will make more sense when they have a bit of your personality attached to them and are not just generic pieces of jewellery. Mix up some off-the-rack jewellery with personalized ones in your collection.

There are multiple brands around, that personalize jewellery for you. You can personalize jewellery in various ways, such as add your name, your sun sign or even a locket with the picture of a loved one.

Personalized pieces add a shade of interest and character to your jewellery.

Pair It With: A block-coloured t-shirt or dress in order to not have too much going on. Keep it simple and casual.

And that’s it! These are the basic tips using which you can layer your jewellery. Make sure not to go ham or over the top with it, as it can take away from a look rather than be a nice complement.

Accessorize smartly and add the much-needed oomph to all your outfits


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