How INIFD reignited my passion for Fashion Design and helped me start my career!

The Covid affected everyone without any distinction. While businesses and corporations managed to survive barely, students were the ones left out hanging. Over 90% of the student population on earth were affected as a direct result of the pandemic. 30 Crore Indian students were a part of that statistic.

It could demotivate anyone with their education and future career hopes. I was one of those who didn’t think that my dreams of succeeding in the fashion industry could be achieved during this trying time. But, I had underestimated the ability of my college to inspire and motivate.

How INIFD Kothrud Motivated Me To Start On The Right Path!

When I enrolled with INIFD Kothrud, I was aware of their dedication towards providing a complete learning experience. However, the pandemic brought to light their true efforts. The pandemic had me confused about how I would proceed with my career, and how the lockdown will affect the industry.

Teachers at INIFD Kothrud were on board in helping me figure it out. It was truly a unique experience for me. While I was confused with my goals, they made sure that I had calmed down and seen the things as they were and not how they could turn out to be.

Getting ahead of myself was my first problem. Once that was solved, I easily realised that there were ideas and opinions about fashion I wanted to convey to everyone. Just a chance to express my ideas and concepts would be best for me.

That’s when my professor suggested that I start writing a blog. It would allow for a certain amount of freedom while still keeping me in line with the rules and requirements of the industry.

Planning to write my blog by writing down parameters!

Here are the pointers that I planned out when writing a blog:

Figuring out the topic:

It is essential to first figure out what you are writing about. Get a set topic you want to focus on. This will help you streamline the content and stay on track. Sometimes when writing, you can get off track. Writing down the topic and working around it will help you avoid becoming vague and generalised about your content.

Due Research on Subject:

Research is important even if you are writing on a familiar topic. Your confidence can sometimes lead you down the wrong path. The research will help you get your facts and knowledge straight. It will also give you a source making your blog more credible and impactful..


Your first draft will just be an outlet for all your thoughts. It should be so as well. Having a blank piece of paper can be intimidating. So, go with the flow and write down what you feel is right. No writer is so good that their first draft is excellent. There will always be room for improvement.

Proofreading and Refining

This is where your true skill and concentration comes in. You need to be able to read your blog objectively and find errors. And mind you, there will be errors. You should filter them out with every reading. Multiple read throughs will ensure that the blog is good enough to go online.

Additionally, you will also have to learn the basics about websites and their back-ends. It won’t be as confusing as you are picturing right now.

Why it is Important For You To Find Your Passion During the Pandemic!

You might not think that writing a blog is the right choice for you. Maybe not. But you need to find your passion right now. An idle mind will give you time for thoughts and self-doubts. That is not a healthy habit. And you will have to find your path despite the issues that may surround you.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” So, find your light. And if you are struggling, then find help as I did with INIFD Kothrud. Strong support will give you the much-needed clarity in life.

Besides the moral support, my college has also been a great influencer with its curriculum, facilities, online interior/fashion design courses, guest lectures on relevant topics for fashion and interior design students.

I will share my ideas and beliefs with the world with confidence. I hope you will join me soon with your confidence! You may also like our blog- How INIFD Helping students to create success Stories


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