How does INIFD’s Fashion Designing Course Assure Salary-benefit to a Fashion designer?

The fashion industry has unlocked multiple career opportunities for aspiring fashion designers nowadays. Earlier, it was difficult to avail career and professional opportunities with the subject. Now, the demand has increased and opportunities are endless for aspiring fashion designers.

Benefits Of Choosing A Career Specific Fashion course

The integration of fashion designing with fashion studies impacted academic and professional scopes for fashion aspirants in India. If you’re willing to get a competitive fashion designer salary in India, INIFD Kothrud’s fashion courses might be a good choice in various ways.

Our fashion designing course module includes,

Basics of fashion designing

Fundamentals of textile designing

Elementary skills based on garment construction etc...

We are one of those fewest fashion institutes in India that are known for their career-centric fashion courses. That’s because only a career-centric course enables your portfolio to stand alone from the rest. Today, an experienced fashion designer with a decade’s experience can earn a salary package of up to 41,000-60,000 INR (approx.) per month with,

Seniority Level Entry Level (0-3 Years) Experience Level (4-9 Years) Advanced Level (10-20 Years) Senior Level (20+ Years)
Average Salary (per month) 10,000 - 16,000 17,000 - 40,000 41,000 - 60,000 60,000 & Above

Source: Glassdoor

There are various other benefits of choosing a career in fashion in India and the industry is looking for new creativity at all times. A career in fashion designing perfectly fits you if you’re willing to work as,

Fashion event organizer

Costume designer

Fashion photographer

Fashion blogger/vlogger

If you’re good with your fashion sense and look ahead to start your own fashion franchise, you have that leverage too!

As one of the best fashion designing institutes in India, we at INIFD Kothrud prioritize the best of knowledge and opportunities in the fashion course. Our academic course turns out as prime leverage for our students, due to the following reasons:

Industry-oriented study where the courses are designed in line with the modernised fashion industry needs.

A job-specific academic module that combines subject knowledge with hands-on practical experience.

Practical exposure to students by giving them a platform for displaying their fashion collections

Grooming students to interact and build networks with global fashion brands

Equipping students with the basics and advanced level concepts of fashion studies to outplay their close rivals.

A career focussed fashion course assists you to keep your academic and professional portfolio stand apart from the rest! To avail such benefits, you must know the most demanding fashion courses that guarantee a lucrative salary package.

Fashion Designing opportunities & Fashion Designer Salary

Fashion designing deals with various subject disciplines. As a student, you should be smart in sorting out the courses that suitably meet your career requirements.

Before joining a fashion institute, do your research on the most demanding courses from different types of fashion designing courses available. However, if you’re planning to take admission in INIFD Kothrud’s specialized or certificate fashion courses, some of those job domains discussed below might suit you.

Fashion Coordinator

A fashion coordinator draws a salary package that starts from (3,00,000-8,00,000 per annum) in India. A fashion coordinator is expected to have the following skills.

Sound in a business communication sense

Competitive spirit to stay ahead in a fashion competition

Smart creative fashion designing sense

Equipped with current fashion trends

Fashion stylist

The initial salary of a fashion stylist in India ranges from 2,00,000 INR per annum and extends up to 4,00,000 per annum. The job responsibility of a fashion stylist requires,

Visual skills

An eye for detailing

Good with trendy fashion style

Identifying the minute detailing needed in the job of a personal stylist

Fashion consultant

The salary of a professional fashion consultant may earn an initial take home from 3,00,000 reaching up to 3,60,000 and above. The role is quite a challenging one as it demands someone who’s equipped with,

Expert skills to understand client’s fashion sense

Provides tailored advice to meet the client’s fashion demands

Bringing sales to the company by selling fashion merchandise

Staying up-to-date with modern fashion trends that are popular in the industry

Fashion marketer

The salary range of a fashion marketer in India is between 3,00,000-4,00,000 INR per annum. The responsibilities for the job domain includes,

Identifying the needs of fashion marketing

Knowledge of social media for advertising a fashion brand

Increasing sales for the respective fashion brand he’s working with

If you’re looking ahead to make a career in the fashion industry by fitting in any of these above-mentioned job roles with maximum salary benefits then INIFD Kothrud is your ideal destination.

The final words…

A career in fashion designing is worthy only when you get to utilize your 3 years fashion certificate to action. Only a few of the fashion designing institutes in India like INIFD Kothrud can provide you with the opportunity to explore those career scopes.

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