Golden rules for all the new fashion bloggers in the town!

Blogs can serve the purpose suited best to the individual. For some, it can merely be a creative outlet for passions and interests. For others, it could be a stepping stone to achieve a more outreaching career goal. While some would like to use it as a secondary source of income, many make a full-time career out of it.

Whatever your goals are, can be achieved through a great blog. The keyword in the last sentence is 'great'. Achieving that status is not as easy as you might think. You can’t just wake up and write a phenomenal blog, no! It takes time, nourishment and dedication.

Why blogs are the essence of the modern Fashion industry!

This is no truer than with a fashion blog. The creative aspects, timeline, niches and individualistic approaches that are present in the industry are more than a match for anyone. But the reward for the same is just as positive.

Fashion blogs recently have found traction due to their reach and the personal experience that they provide. It is not just the tips and the tricks that are appreciated, most people like interacting with the blogger to get personal tips.

Many regular folks like reading fashion blogs over magazines as they appear far more grounded. That’s why it is the right time to be a Fashion Blogger.

However, there are certain guidelines that one should observe to maintain efficiency and efficacy.

Steps in the right direction!

Planning & Research:

It is to ensure that your blog is geared towards the right audience. If you are unaware of what the people want, then chances are you will get it wrong. So, read the room and learn what sells. Make a list of successful blogs that you would like to emulate and understand their pattern.

Knowing your competition will only strengthen you. Although this should be a known tip, learn about fashion as much as you can through books and magazines. Even the master has room to improve.

Content & Consistency:

‘Content is King’ has been said by every writer in every blog, conference room, classroom and meetings. The reason being that it is true. No matter your talent to design or customise, if your content isn’t engaging, you won’t be able to generate an audience. That is why it is essential to keep improving your content and be consistent for the same.

That is another key aspect that most bloggers waver on after minor success. You should never deviate from your schedule. Keep posting consistently. Changing the schedule is another matter but keep at it as much as you can. If you are consistent, your audience will be too.

Platforming & Branding:

Platforming may seem like an alien and even insignificant issue, it is very essential to understand and choose for your long term benefit. There are 3 major platforms for any blogger to use, WordPress, Blogger and Wix. For example, Blogger is a free platform from Google for free use.

But running ads is an issue. Word press can be used as a free or a self-hosted platform. Wix on the other hand is similar to WordPress but with some additional tools. So, choose wisely for your use. Similarly, branding may seem like a matter of choosing a name but it is impactful in your image building. So, choose your domain name and your blog name that reflects your content in a catchy, easy to remember way.

Marketing & Promotion:

Even the best of writers, creators and designers need to promote their content to get exposure. It is the fastest way to get the word out. You might think that your work can speak for itself but that is a naive way to move ahead.

There are far louder voices in the creative space that will push back whatever creative talent you possess. So, learn SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads and Facebook Advertising to use them for your benefit. This exposure will decide the fate of your blog.

Adapt & Improve:

Change is the nature of the universe. So, be prepared to change when required. It could be about something as small as the fonts or colour on your blog or it could be about your entire content, change is essential.

Those who adapt to the changes of market and audience’s requirements stay ahead, rest sink. Another rule is to improve upon everything. Your writing, design, style, marketing, everything has room for improvement.

While there are few other technical details for blog writing, these are the essentials. There is always room for you to learn additional stuff like Basics of Coding, User Experience, Niche targeting and a few others. But the essence of blog writing has been covered.

Refer to each of these steps and check whether you have missed out on any. We are sure you won’t feel like walking into a black room blind after reading this blog.

Having a technical understanding of Fashion will always help when you venture in to writing blogs for Fashion. There are colleges where design students are pushed to upgrade their knowledge and skills through practical applications. INIFD Kothrud is one such institute where activities or contemporary careers like blog writing is encouraged. Faculties take an interest in your venture and guide you to ensure that you are on the right track.

So, if you are looking to venture into the Fashion Design industry in any capacity, INIFD Kothrud is the right choice for you!


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