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The fashion world keeps constantly evolving. What’s in vogue today might disappear in after a while. But that’s what makes the fashion business so enthralling and demanding from a creative angle! Staying abreast of the latest fashion design trends and developments is part of every fashion designer’s responsibility. Accordingly, let’s see what’s trending across India’s fashion world in 2024.

Fashion design current trends

5 Fashion Design Trends of 2024

From traditional to modest fashion and more, these five are considered fashion designing trends this year. Let’s delve into them for more insights step by step.

1. Traditional Wear

Fashion is a cycle where old fashion renews itself and hits the ramp time and again. If that’s the case, how can 2024 be an exception? Traditional Indian fabrics and production techniques will never run out of demand. Indians, no matter how modern they get, always stay rooted in their culture. So, the love for traditional outfits will never end!

Designers are incorporating traditional techniques like Khadi, Bandhani, Chikankari, etc., into contemporary designs, thus creating an incredible blend of old and new, thus contributing their bit to conserving India’s rich cultural heritage.

2. Double Denim (Summer Fashion Trends 2024)

Summers are here and in full swing. So, how can we not talk about summer fashion trends in 2024? We’ve all seen and adored the monochromatic denim look. Now, they’ve made a swift comeback this year, promising to grow even more in the following one. Double denim is an elegant fashion fusion, apt on the street as well as at the work desk. Of course, the way you style it surely matters. Pair your jeans with a dashing jacket or wear the latter on a skirt – it is up to you.

3. Corset (Again, a Summer Trend)

Corsets aren’t new. They were around in 2022 as well. But this time, the corset trend will grow and evolve. This year, you are likely to see corsets on tops, belts, and dresses.

4. Inclusive Sizing

The fashion industry wants to be fair and equal to let every individual enjoy wearing what’s trending. Perhaps, it is this thought that drives the inclusive sizing trend. But what is inclusive sizing? Inclusive sizing involves offering outfits of a range of sizes that serve and fit diverse body types. On the other hand, you have modest fashion, where designers create attires that provide coverage while preserving the style quotient.

5. Leggings

Honestly, leggings aren’t an exclusive or a new trend in 2024. Yet, they remain in demand and will continue to do so for years to come. But what’s new here is that legging-makers will now offer them in more daring versions and styles. So, it is time to bid adieu to leggings that merely served as an option for sweatpants. In 2024, leggings will emerge in a new avatar, featuring exclusive prints, sequins, and transparency.

Fashion design trends in 2024 aren’t limited to the following. There’s a lot more to talk about and explore. But we leave that part for you to research and update yourself. As for fashion design courses, you have INIFD Kothrud, one of the leading and trusted fashion design institutes in Pune. We have the infrastructure, faculty base, technology, course curriculum, support system, and internship and placement placement record to give your fashion career a new meaning. Call us at +91 8055866266 to know more. You can also read our blog Impact of Technology on Fashion Designing Courses


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