Importance of Choosing an Encouraging College During the Pandemic!

The pandemic has been harsh on everyone, physically, mentally and spiritually. While many did find Covid-19 to be devastating, others were affected by its side effects. It brought about an air of gloom around. Mental health was affected eventually bringing down motivation to pursue anything new and exciting.

Among them were young individuals with the aspirations to conquer the world through their talent and sheer determination. I was one of those. I thought that becoming the greatest interior designer was easy. I just needed to take the first step of enrolling, and the rest would be easy. However, the closure of universities and institutes meant that I had to sit home and watch my prime run away.

It is hard to sit there and watch without being able to do anything. It is not healthy, and many experts agree.

The impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health in Youngsters

Last year a survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation or KFF found that adults had observed negative impacts on their sleeping and eating habits. Relatively high symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress were reported during the Covid outbreak. Similar results were observed by research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

This research might just be representing a small facet of what students were feeling during the pandemic. Most of them, like me, were just feeling lost and desperately needed guidance during the uncertain time.

How INIFD became the Beacon of Light For Me!

When the college did start, it was online. I didn’t feel like that it would be enough to learn interior design online. I thought I would be missing out on important practical aspects. This caused me to lose interest in learning. However, I had underestimated what my college was willing to do to help me.

Here are just a few things from INIFD Kothrud that encouraged me to get back on track:

Interactive Sessions:

Just like a classroom, INIFD Kothrud organises online lectures for designing that allow you to interact with the faculty and learn in a 1-on-1 session. This is the closest one can get to a classroom. The greatest advantage of this type of learning is that you can solve all of your problems and doubts in real time. The interactive sessions provide a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Blended Learning Experience:

A mix of online videos and lectures is available for students at INIFD Kothrud. The video recordings are a convenient way to learn important concepts. The flexibility of learning provided by the recordings is the reason for preferability among students and colleagues.

Industry-Oriented Curriculum:

Besides the learning style, INIFD Kothrud also provides a curriculum that is designed around the requirements of the industry. The relevant knowledge is important for students to find their path in the field. The curriculum teaches what is essential concisely and interestingly.

Value-Added Certifications:

INIFD Kothrud also provides various certifications that give additional value-added benefits to the students. “Paanch Ka Dum” or the “Power of Five” includes INIFD Certification, London School of Trends, B.Sc Degree, IIID Certification for Full-time course and Autocad Certified Professional certification.

Internship & Placement Assistance:

While you may find a promise of placement from other design colleges, INIFD Kothrud provides extensive support unlike any other. Their dedicated placement cell prepares you for the jobs and the hiring process in the best possible way. Additionally, internship opportunities are provided to ensure that practical learning is always in focus.

These features of INIFD Kothrud were present throughout the learning process last year. I was overwhelmed with the support the college provided.

Why You Should Choose the Right College Too!

Due to what the pandemic could do to your mental health and motivation, it is important to find the right college that will help you stay on track. Any amount of misdirection will cause you to feel discouraged with your goals. A college that encourages you to pursue your passion should be the one to look out for.

The college, the teachers and the colleagues play an important role that most aren’t aware of. Their involvement will encourage you to pursue further knowledge and responsibilities with your curriculum. While you may miss out on the use of professional equipment from college, the eventual internship opportunities will make up for it.

There are always alternate ways the college will help you pursue your dreams if you choose the right institute.

INIFD Kothrud can be your dream design college if you wish to make a successful career in design. Their complete learning experience is something every student needs. And you might just be lucky enough to attend the college and experience the campus at its full capacity.

Don’t give up on your dreams and passion. You will find encouragement from the unlikeliest of places. Good Luck!


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