Improve your style and confidence forever by reading these 9 Fashion Blogs!

Change is the nature of life. While some changes are for good, others aren’t. Those who adapt to that change always come out on top. This rule is a constant in Fashion as well. It is ever-changing, fluid almost. What's in style today will not be in style an hour later. We all have a particular style that is no longer fresh.

Far too many people think fashion is about expensive clothes and shoes. But if you listen to a fashion icon, it isn't so. Ralph Lauren puts it best, "Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you."

And to discover that something, you don't need to have a personal designer. There are a few bloggers who use their sense of fashion and style as a guide for others.

Here is a list of 10 Fashion Bloggers who you should follow.

Akanksha Redhu

With over 1.7 lakh Instagram followers, Akansha has been influencing the wave of fashion since 2010. Through her blogs, she conveys her sense of style and beauty. She covers clothing as well as accessories that won't break your bank.


One of the few male fashion bloggers in India, Purushu has been trending since 2009. His posts and blogs are a display of his expertise in illustration, draping, history of costume, creative pattern making and garment construction. His regular contribution to 'The Hindu' has been noticed by designers like Marc Jacobs.

The Snob Journal

Not just a fashion designer, Aashna Shroff has been dropping updates on new travel ideas and lifestyle changes. Her blogs are not just a destination for those seeking advice and updates in the fashion arena, they also serve as a refresher for your stressed mind.

Style Inked

Manvi Gandotra has become the go-to fashion source for most enthusiasts ever since her emergence in 2012. Her blog serves as a personal guide for emerging fashion trends in India. Due to her expertise as a designer, she provides much-needed inputs on the styling side as well.

Shalini Mehta

Shalini's expertise isn't limited to fashion. She is a knowledgeable influencer in Cinema and TV as well. For those seeking well-refined content in Fashion and Marketing, this is the holy grail.

Elan Street

Not a singular expert but more of a collective. Elan Street has grown big enough to influence people on multiple platforms. It could be your new source for celebrity stylists' tips, personal shopping tips, styling your wedding look and more.

Peaches and Blush

Also running the 'Wed Me Good' blog, Mehak Sagar is a fashion influencer and entrepreneur. Her blog has been a feature in reputable fashion magazines like Femina and Cosmopolitan Magazine. She is the right choice for your modern cosmo look.

Sayeri Diary

Sharing personalized fashion and beauty related tips for her audience, Sayeri is an influencer and mother from West Bengal. She focuses on fashion as well as beauty, makeup and lifestyle products.


The favourite stop for the younger generation, Tashiara is a Delhi based blogger who writes as good as she dresses. Her tips on fashion, styling and DIYs have a personal touch that her readers enjoy.

Money cannot buy style

As these bloggers will illustrate for you, not everything that glitters is gold. You won't need to spend a fortune on keeping up to date on trends of the fashion industry. Style comes from within.

And even with all of the information and updates you get, you still feel a bit unsure, remember the words of wisdom from "When in doubt, wear red." You can never go wrong with your style.

Words for an aspiring Fashion Designer

You might be taught all you need to learn about the materials and the intricacies of style and trends, but some of you still may face self-doubt. To all of these designers, you do not have to conform. Fashion is radical. It is a way to express your emotions through art. Do what feels right. Design what you would wear.

These are the words of wisdom my mentor gave me at INIFD, Kothrud. I hope they serve you well in future. You woluld also like our this blog: Subjects of Fashion Designing


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