6 Things to Consider while Choosing a Fashion Design Institute

Fashion designing is a fiercely competitive field and demands the best of results out of every individual. That is exactly why it is imperative for budding fashion stylists to pursue fashion styling courses from the best fashion styling institute and acquire the skills and qualifications that align with the requirements of the industry.

This is exactly why we have this blog for you with some vital tips to help you seek the right platform for your career in fashion styling and a fashion design school will help you learn to look at your work critically and improve your design skills.

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To help you understand better, we have jotted the points on how Pune’s best fashion & interior design institute - INIFD Kothrud, categorizes its admission process.

Below are 6 things to consider in a fashion design institute

The Reputation of the Institute

It is customary that you check out on the institute’s reputation. Adequate research on the internet, go visit the institute and have a conversation with its ex-students, know more about their experiences, the merits and demerits, etc. This would help you make an informed decision.

Infrastructure and Environment

Any institute you choose must offer the latest learning techniques and an environment supportive of self-learning and research.

Course Curriculum

One of the most important aspects of choosing your fashion styling institute would be to see if the curriculum matches your needs of the study. It should cover all the latest aspects of fashion styling, get you acquainted with the latest trends, and also prepare you for the challenges that you may encounter once you step in the real world.

Placement Opportunities

This is extremely important as any good fashion styling institute will offer you with the best of exposure to live projects. Be it through internships, placements with established fashion companies around. Also, it is very helpful if the fashion styling institute offers after-course guidance and support.

Job opportunities after certification in Fashion design infographic

Creating a Portfolio

Any good fashion styling institute will help you develop your portfolio and exhibit all the training and skills you have received. It will help you understand what perceptive learning is all about and on how to design and put together a collection, as well as the presentation of the photographs.


It is a given that a great institute will create great professionals and you must not miss out on checking the institute’s alumni. Have a look at the list, and try to get in touch with some of the most successful ones, to understand how they’ve benefitted through the institute.

In the end..

Keeping all of the mentioned points in mind INIFD Kothrud is undoubtedly the best fashion styling institute in Pune. It offers the latest fashion styling course curriculum, along with training programs to offer students comprehensive industry-based excellence. Over the years, INIFD has established industry-wide contacts to ensure that the students work as interns and get placed with the best fashion companies that boost their careers.


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