Importance Of Practical Learning For Fashion Design Curriculum

When students participate in hands-on activities and analysis, they are better equipped to relate concepts and information learned in the classroom to real-world challenges. We here at INIFD Kothrud have adopted this methodology ahead of fashion designing colleges in Pune.

The college along with our educators attempt to keep students interested in the class and the curriculum through practical learning. At INIFD Kothrud, fashion design students are encouraged to expand their expertise through practical applications further cementing its status as one of the prominent fashion design colleges in Pune.

To ensure that students have the greatest learning experience possible, faculty take an active interest in student projects and assignments. INIFD Kothrud students may also access a selection of online videos and lectures. The video recordings are an excellent way to quickly grasp essential concepts.

Practical Learning - Its Importance And Effectiveness in Fashion Design

The practical learning paradigm is a well-established concept in education, training, facilitation, coaching, and organisational development. It is an immersive, participant-centric, active learning technique that immerses learners of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels in an emotionally engaging learning experience.

In the world of fashion design, theory and practice serve as mirrors of one another. A designer who intends to hold himself to a standard knows the need for theoretical and practical evaluation. A designer cannot be separated from practical experience.

It is critical for survival in the competitive and glitzy world of fashion. Courses in India often appear to be simple and rewarding with employment opportunities for students. Still, one cannot actually stand apart without possessing all the necessary practical expertise.

One learns to fulfil the demands of the industry while developing analytical abilities for generating a design that reflects the industry's dynamics. Fashion schools teach it all from holding a sketch to its subtle elements with cognitive discernment. But, aside from unwavering enthusiasm and commitment, it simply does not fulfil the goal unless a design is realistically experienced.

The practical exposure offered by Fashion Designing Institutes provides a fine eye for details. Workshops, fashion shows, working as an intern, practical training invites, stylists, working for fashion shows, live projects, dummy draping, drafting, illustrations, sketches, fabric stories, colour domains, sewing, stitching, and so on can all help.

No one can be creative in their design until they learn and experience all of them in both theory and practice during their education at colleges in Pune for fashion designing. Only by working on a practical basis can one learn the loops of any field.

Here are five different benefits of practical learning over the traditional classroom, instructor-centred techniques:

  • Students gain the capacity to apply information in a setting right away.
  • Students have access to real-time evaluation and mentoring in the event of a setback.
  • It encourages collaboration and enhances communication abilities.
  • It also aids in the development of reflective practice habits over time.
  • Students are aware that they have improved due to the feedback loop established by problem-solving, feedback, and practice.

A fashion designer's professional approach is like a skyscraper with no pillars if it is not supported by a flair for practical accomplishment in the area. It is a phenomenon on which fashion designing colleges function is fostering the imaginative, creative mind in their own unique method.

We here at INIFD Kothrud offer programmes to teach practical information and deliver various methods and abilities required to be a successful fashion designer.

Critical Advantages Of Learning Fashion Design at INIFD Kothrud

Aside from the learning approach, we at INIFD Kothrud also offer a curriculum tailored to the sector's needs. Students must have the appropriate information to find their way in the field. Therefore, the programme covers the essentials engagingly.

The college, professors, and curriculum all play a crucial role that many people are unaware of. Their engagement will motivate students to gain information and take on more tasks as part of their education.

But, more significantly, INIFD Kothrud provides incredible features such as celebrity mentorship, field visits, practical learning sessions, real assignments/projects, and much more to help you excel in the world of interior design.

Because of a variety of criteria, INIFD Kothrud is one of the finest colleges in Pune for fashion designing. Through hard effort, commitment, and great education, INIFD Kothrud has assisted thousands of students in reaching their goals. With an education from INIFD Kothrud, you may realise your goals of being the top fashion designer.

If you want to study design practically from one of the best colleges for fashion designing in Pune, INIFD Kothrud is the right choice. So, visit the website and enrol now!

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