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Advantages and Disadvantages of A Lateral Entry Course

What is Lateral Entry to a College or Course?

Lateral entry into a college is the process of switching colleges/ institutes after 1 year or 2 years of your education, directly into 2nd or 3rd year. This could be because you find another institute enticing or that it has better offerings and great courses in a field you are pursuing.
This means that you get to switch colleges without repeating any years or losing time.

Now, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing admission through lateral entry into a different college. We also conclude whether this decision is sound one to make, so make sure you read the article right until the end.

Advantages of lateral entry courses

1. Pursue Studies at a Reputable Institute

Inifd pune pursue studies at a reputable institute

Many-a-times while securing admissions one is not aware of better institutions and thus finds themselves entrapped in a subpar school or college. Once they start their college life they are exposed to institutes that are better at teaching the same subjects because of better faculty, facilities and infrastructure.

A lateral entry course, lets a student reconsider their choices and secure admission in a better institute where they will get more out of their learning.

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2. Save your Time

Inifd Pune save your time

One of the biggest drawbacks of wanting to switch institutes is that one will have to start from scratch and repeat the years they have completed. Lateral entry is a simple solution to all this and understands the level of learning you have already secured and easily advances you to the next level.

For example, if you have already completed one year of Fashion Design, but want to switch colleges, lateral entry lets you enter a different college without repeating your first year. You will directly secure admission in the second year.

This way you can save precious years of your education.

3. Learn The Same Skills For A Better Career

Inifd pune learn the same skills for a better career

Once you take advantage of a lateral entry course, you get to study the same subjects but in a better institute but with better faculty and facilities. This means that your absorption of skills will also be better. For example, dexterity skills like sketching, 3D Designing, Digital Designing will be better honed and developed.

This will in-turn be more impressive for employers who are taking a look at your portfolio and provide brighter future career opportunities. A simple decision will reflect positively on your career in the long term.

Disadvantages of lateral entry are few, but it's best we discuss them for clarity’s sake. So, you as a student can stay prepared.

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Advantages of lateral entry courses

1. Fresh Paperwork

Inifd pune fresh paperwork

Paperwork is a big part of securing a college admission. If one has to secure a lateral entry admission then they have to make sure that basic paperwork such as passing certificates, previous mark sheets, transcripts etc. are all in place so that the process of a transfer can be quick and easy. Compiling these documents can sometimes prove to be a tedious task.

2. Adapting To A New Environment

Inifd Pune adapting to a new environment

Once you switch to a new college, it is daunting to adapt to a new environment. You have already been a part of a previous college and might find the new set up unfamiliar. There are new classmates, new teachers who are already familiar with each other thus it may take 1-2 weeks for you to settle in. However, remember that this is just a temporary phase and soon you’ll develop new friendships with classmates and come to know the college’s processes as time passes.

To conclude…

If you are convinced that the college you will switch to is worth it then a lateral entry is definitely the right decision to make. It is an opportunity that you should make the most of. It will open up your career to a world of new possibilities and will completely transform your educational path without you losing any time.

So, make sure that you go ahead immediately and speak to the admissions office of your new college and start up your lateral entry process. It will be a decision that will be worth it.